Do you want to live life courageously and truly love the skin you’re in? This is your chance. This is the #YourSkinYourBrave campaign.

Our diverse trial team of women and men are taking back control of their lives, they’re done letting their skin hang ups (itchy, flaky, dry, dull, irritated, and sensitive skin) make them feel insecure. They want to live life bravely and love the skin they’re in – which is exactly why they’re a part of the Your Skin Your Brave Campaign and are currently putting Ingram’s three new ranges of targeted-skincare solutions to the test.

What is Ingram’s?

Only one of the oldest, most trusted skincare brands around! Renowned as “The Skin Doctor”, Ingram’s has been creating superior skincare products for decades. They believe that skin is SO much more than just skin, that it’s an important expression of who you are. They understand that when your skin is healthy, your skin is nourished, and your soul is BRAVE – allowing you to shine as the unique individual that you were born to be!

Ingram’s three new ranges harness the power of natural, local ingredients to help you put skin hang ups where they belong: in the past.

Ingram’s Hemp for very dry skin: Flaky skin be gone! This baby contains a blend of organic hemp seed oil and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that calms very dry skin while providing intensive moisturisation.

Ingram’s Rooibos for normal to dry skin: This restoring formulation is packed with a special blend of locally-sourced rooibos extract, antioxidants, and vitamin E to improve elasticity and leave your skin looking radiant all day long.

Ingram’s Sensitive for irritated and sensitive skin: This one’s for the sensitive-skinned souls and features a fragrance-free formulation enriched with glycerine and cetomacrogol to provide immediate, gentle relief for irritated, sensitive skin.

Does it really work?

Yes! Ingram’s isn’t a trusted heritage brand for nothing, but don’t take out word for it – hear what our diverse trial team of influencers and their friends have to say about Ingram’s new ranges for yourself: #YourSkinYourBrave

Join our #YourSkinYourBrave Insta-Party and stand a chance to WIN MASSIVE INGRAM’S HAMPERS! This is your chance to learn how to overcome your skin hang ups and discover your bravest life:

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Philile Mhlongo

    I have a dry skin that’s always needs attention. I’ve used ingrams since boarding school days. I’d love to relive my childhood and be part of this exciting campaign with Ingram#Yourskinyourbrave. I am a plus size woman who is comfortable in their own skin and would love to take up the “live life courageously and truly love the skin you’re in” campaign because it’s talks to me and my daily routine

    1. Brand Advisor

      Hey Philile. Unfortunately we have already selected our influencers for the Ingrams campaign. Feel free to opt-in in our upcoming campaigns

  2. Leona

    How does one get to be part of the campaign?

    1. Brand Advisor

      Hi there. We have already passed the trialists selection phase of the campaign. But please be in the lookout for fun new campaigns that we have lined up. In future, fill in our opt-in surveys that you will find on our website.

  3. Shoeshoe Sheila Pharoe

    Ingram’s it’s a trusted brand to use. It leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. That, I know for sure because I and my family have been using it for as long as I can remember. From one generation to another. I even recommend people to use it because nothing beats the “skin’s doctor”

  4. Pontsho

    How do you select trailists?
    I have been opting in for the past year haven’t received anything from you

    1. Brand Advisor

      The reasons why you haven’t been chosen yet will vary per campaign. Please be on the lookout for campaigns on the line up that you can sign up to.

  5. Charmaine

    Would like to join this campaign….

    1. Brand Advisor

      Hi Charmaine. Unfortunately our recruitment process has closed. xx

  6. Busisiwe

    How can I be your brand ambassador

  7. Khutso

    How can I be part of your campaing

  8. Thembelihle Shusha

    Ingrams has had been part of our family for as long as I can remember, I don’t remember my mom buying anything else.

  9. Kholo

    When does the recruiting start again😭

    1. Brand Advisor

      Hi Kholo. You can keep an eye for when we upload new opt-in surveys.

  10. Jessica

    What makes One Not qualify for Campaigns ?

    1. Brand Advisor

      Hi Jessica,

      Please be on the lookout for our opt-in survey that we upload on the site when there is a new campaign about to be launched.

  11. Phuti Mashaba

    I just joined the brand advisor, how does 1 get to work with brands. I would really love to work with brands featured on brand advisor

    1. Brand Advisor

      Hi Phuti,

      You will have to fill in our opt-in surveys when we have new campaigns.

  12. Busi Ndabandaba

    Is this campaigning still available?

  13. Rushda Mohamed

    Oh this looks amazing, especially the rooibos variant. I’m going to get this.

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