Your period at work/school/university – be in the know!

Your period at work/school/university – be in the know!

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Question: Why should I use a tampon?

Answer: Whatever form of feminine hygiene product you decide to use is entirely up to you. Some women, however, have found that using tampons during their period is an easy, clean and more discreet method.

Question: How often should I change my tampon?

Answer: To avoid any leaks always ensure that you’re using a tampon with the right absorbency for your flow. Ideally one should change their tampon every four hours but if that isn’t possible, for example, like when you’re in class or a meeting, then eight hours is the maximum time it should be left in your body. At night insert a new tampon just before going to bed and then remove it when you wake up. If you like your beauty sleep and snooze for longer than eight hours then use a sanitary pad instead.

Question: Can I feel the tampon once I’ve inserted it?

Answer: If you’re tampon has been inserted incorrectly then you will be able to feel it. Tampons are designed to sit in your body without any discomfort, so if you feel it, remove it and try to insert it again until it you can’t feel it. Keep calm and relaxed, it takes time to get used to the right insertion technique.

Question: Can the tampon get lost or stuck inside of me?

Answer: Tampons cannot get lost inside of you, in fact this is virtually impossible. If properly inserted the tampon is held in place by the muscles at the entrance to your vagina and vaginal walls. It can’t move further than a certain point as the only opening is too small! As for the tampon getting stuck, while this is a scary thought, it’s also highly unlikely. If you feel resistance when try to remove it, relax and try again. This could also be due to your menstrual flow being lighter than you thought and was not in enough to make the tampon soft and flexible, so leave it in a little longer. After eight hours, however, you will need to remove the tampon even if it is still a bit dry.

Question: But what if the withdrawal string breaks?

Answer: This is highly unlikely but if it does happen you can remove the tampon with your fingers. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly beforehand, relax and gently remove it. If this is still proving to be too difficult then consult your doctor.

Question: Can I still do physical activity while wearing a tampon?

Answer: Yes! In fact we encourage it! Tampax® Compak tampons are the perfect feminine protection for exercising as they allow you to move easily and can’t be seen under your clothing, you can even swim while on your period! Moderate exercise is also great to reduce menstrual cramps, so get moving girls!

Question: Do I have to remove my tampon when using the bathroom or washing?

Answer: Tampons are inserted into your vagina, therefore they don’t interfere with any ablutions. You can also bath and shower with your tampon in.

Question: Is it true that my period can sync with my ‘besties’?

Answer: Also known as menstrual synchrony, this weird but fascinating phenomenon is possible and apparently is all related to pheromones in our body. Freaky, but true.

Question: Can tampons cause allergic reactions or diseases?

Answer: The team at Tampax® are strict and thorough when it comes to testing their products, so the risk of allergy is extremely low. Of course everyone is different and a few women may be sensitive to the materials used. Each tampon is packed in a safe, hygienic environments, which means they’re free from dangerous viruses and micro-organisms.

Question: Do periods smell?

Answer: This is a reasonable worry with a simple solution. Women who wear pads often complain of a smell. This is caused by bacteria in the air mixing with the blood on the pad, not the blood itself. To avoid the this from happening be sure to change your pad regularly. Also ensure you wash at least once a day to prevent any unwanted body odours.

Question: What if I leak?

Answer: All of us have leaked st some point in our lives. Yes it’s embarrassing but the way in which you handle the situation will also influence the way those around you do. Remain calm and head to your closest bathroom to change your sanitary product. Wrapping a jersey around your waist is a quick way to conceal your leak. If you’re at school then ask a teacher if your parent can bring a change of clothes or if you’re at uni or work then quickly nip home and change.

Question: How long is a period cycle?

Answer: Your period cycle begins on the first day of your period and the next one should come 28 days after that. 28 days is the average cycle and can vary from woman to woman.

Question: I’m worried my period will start while I’m out. Can I wear a tampon in case it does?

Answer: It’s not a good idea to wear a tampon if you haven’t started your period. Not only can it feel very uncomfortable it’s also dangerous. If you’re worried about your period starting suddenly then wear a thin panty liner. Once your period has started you can then insert a tampon.

Question: How often do I need to change my tampon while at school or work?

Answer: There’s no way of avoiding this one, you will need to change your tampon during the course of the day. Depending on your flow (light, medium, heavy), tampons should be changed every four to eight hours. The easiest solution is to change your tampon during a lunch break or between classes so that you don’t have to skip anything important to be excused from class.


So there you have it, all your frequently answered queries solved. Do you have any tampon-related questions? Share them with us below!

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