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Win With SBR

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 WIN And Protect Your Skin This Summer With SBR!

You may have thought you left your dry skin problems in winter but warm weather conditions also bring other challenges – especially when you suffer from chronically dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. SBR Repair and SBR Lipocream relief solutions are SA’s best-kept secrets and our must-have wherever you go for instant and long lasting relief.

The outer visible layer of the skin is made of lipids such as cholesterol, ceramides and fatty acids and all three are very important for the skin’s waterproof function and must be present in the right quantities and proportions to effectively prevent your skin from losing too much moisture.

SBR Lipocream treats dry skin and eczema prone skin by constantly restoring and repairing the skin’s barrier function by replacing two physiological skin lipids, free fatty acids and cholesterol and should be applied three to four times daily whilst the SBR Repair is ideal for very dry skin. This cream has both a rapid and long-lasting effect as it adds the fatty substances that would take the skin days to produce by itself. The cream can be applied once, ideally in the evening or more often if required.

Enter the competition below and you could win one of TWO SBR hampers worth up to R1,300!


Competition ends on the 8th of March 2018.

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