Why your brand should be working with influencers

Why your brand should be working with influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming a multibillion dollar industry that is only growing every year. Brand’s have started seeing the incredible value in working with influencers to engage with different audiences and to reach customers through social media platforms beyond promoted ad posts.

So what makes working with influencers worth your brands time?

Influencers are authentic

This is the big one. What separates influencer marketing from standard marketing avenues is that influencers lend their authenticity to your brand. Influencers have spent all their time building relationships and trust with their niche audience and they can lend this trust to your brand when they promote it.

By connecting with an influencer related to your brand, customers find it easier to trust them compared to watching a tv ad. Influencers are transparent, so they will acknowledge their relationship to your brand but are still trusted to give honest feedback.

Create content

Influencers create content for social media platforms so can provide insight to your brand about what kind of content they think would work best. Often brands struggle to transition from tried and tested graphic design for billboards and print ads, which do not work for social media.

By giving an influencer a product to review or promote, they are taking on the work of creating the content that they know will best resonate with their audience.

Drive traffic

By linking to your website in their posts, influencer campaigns drive traffic to your website, social media platforms or online store. This helps improve your reach and SEO standing as a conversation is generated and more people follow through from their content.

Generate sales

Sales generation is not always guaranteed but, depending on the exact specifications of the campaign, using influencers can convert to sales. These are best tracked through using promocodes which the influencer will promote in their posts. By tracking the analytics from each post, you would be able to see how often it was used by customers.

Influencer marketing is only expanding and getting involved now means your brand will  be able to keep up with the growing shift to sales through social media.

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