What type of influencer am I?
What type of influencer am I?

What type of influencer am I?

What type of influencer am I?

More followers = more influence. This is the standard mantra most on social media. It may seem simple enough but this is not always the case and in fact,  there are different levels of influencer which command different kinds of influence on their audience.

The true mantra should be: more influence= more engagement. Now we’re talking! Engagement drives action, so the more your audience engages with your content the more valuable your account is.



An influencer is a person on social media who has built a reputation for their expertise on a particular topic and building content around this which has generated a following as a result. They are a trusted voice in their particular field and receive engagement from their following.

The big four categories of influencers that have been identified are Nano, Micro, Macro and Mega influencers. Each depend on the number of followers they have and brands look at their level to decide whether to engage with them- depending on the kind of outcomes the brand wants from it’s campaign.

Nano, micro and macro influencers are gaining interest from brands because they have more targeted engagement as their audiences follow them for a particular reason. So for the number of followers they have, more are engaging and seeing their content than happens with mega influencers.

So, are you ready to find out which influencer you are?

Nano Influencer:

Starting with the smallest, the nano influencer is a newly defined category which includes anyone under 1000 followers.  Nano influencers may not have a lot of followers or very focused content  but their engagement rate is significantly higher as each follower is likely to be more invested in their content. These followers are likely to be groups of friends, family and colleagues and so represent a variety of people who are interested in all kinds of content.

Micro Influencer:

A micro influencer is the next up, with between 1000 and 100 000 followers.  Unlike a nano influencer whose following are people they probably know, a micro influencer is often followed by a community who relate to their content. A micro-influencer usually has a specific focus and is normally a “specialist” in a field, such as a fitfluencer (fitness influencer). Their audience follow them because of this focused content. This makes them good for brands wanting to identify partnerships related to their business.

Macro Influencer:

A macro influencer is what most people think of when they think of the classic influencer. They have between 100 000 and 1 million followers and often gained this following through their work on social media (rather than being celebrities already). Like micro influencers they are often specialised accounts focusing on a niche audience interest and create communities around themselves and their area of interest.

Mega Influencer:

A mega influencer is just another name for a celebrity. These accounts have interest because they person is known for work they do offline but because of their fan base, have a massive following and sway online. These accounts don’t have the same connection to their audience as nano, micro and macro influencers because these social media accounts support their work rather than being the focus and are often impersonal with minimal engagement.


Each influencer level can be effective in brand campaigns, depending on the campaigns goals. As an influencer who wants to connect with brands, it’s important to identify your level and to sign up for brand influencer communities, like Brand Advisor to start being connected with the right campaigns!

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