Being the beautiful yet tough cookies you ladies are, we want to spice things up just a tad by challenging you every month! And we all know that with every great challenge, there comes the reward of WINNING A SPECTACULAR HAMPER!

Take part in our Monthly Challenges and you could stand a chance of WINNING A SPECTACULAR HAMPER at the end of each month!

We are now into Week 4 of the Monthly Challenges. We want you ladies to share with us your Challenge Outcomes in your Beauty Diaries under the category Monthly Challenges. Remember, we need at least X1 diary entry by no later than THIS FRIDAY 4pm. So without further ado, let’s see what the next challenge is:

#OutOfYourComfortZone:  A POP Of Colour

Don’t you just envy how some women can pull off a sexy red lip OR how about  those lucky few women that look gorgeous wearing blue eyeshadow! Well, it’s time to pull out any lipstick or eye shadow that you would NEVER usually wear and spin it into a HOT new look for you! THE CHALLENGE IS ON!

P.S: The BEAUTY BULLETIN TEAM are also taking part in ALL the challenges set out each month. Can You outdo us?

• Post your challenge outcomes by FRIDAY no later than 4pm in your Beauty Diaries under the category Monthly Challenges
• You MUST complete ALL 4 weekly challenges in order to stand a chance of WINNING the GRAND PRIZE!
• WINNER will be announced on Monday 30th June 2014
• You will need to be a MEMBER of Beauty Bulletin to participate in this competition Not a member yet? Sign up NOW. It’s FREE!

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