Ways to avoid looking like you have a “food baby”

Ways to avoid looking like you have a “food baby”

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babybumpPoor Jennifer Garner was recently photographed with a little bump and has everyone jumping to conclusions, though this has since been denied ( it could still be true and they are just keeping it quiet!). Nonetheless Jennifer Aniston has been “pregnant” so many times! As has Beyonce! Kourtney Kardashian IS actually pregnant again but she was “pregnant” a few times last year. 

Yes, we all have our belly bloat days, so I thought I would look in to how to avoid looking like you have a little “food baby”.

The first thing is to eat slowly. If you eat quickly, you gulp in excess air which lands up in your stomach causing bloating. Don’t skip meals, this also causes a gas build up. Avoid chewing gum!

Next, watch what you eat and drink as well as the quantities. Avoid foods that produce gas like onions, cabbage and beans if you are planning on wearing a bodycon dress (note to Jen Aniston)! You may also get bloated if you are gluten or lactose intolerant or even have a sensitivity to these types of foods. So keep a food diary if you suffer from bloating to get an idea of what your tummy might be sensitive to.

Eat small meals regularly, as eating a big volume all at once will obviously cause your tummy to swell. Fizzy cooldrinks are a no-no… even just plain old carbonated water can cause that tum to swell. Don’t drink through a straw as this also causes bloating.

If you do get a little bloated, try lying on your left side as this sometimes helps to release the gas more easily. And wear something loose fitting, so you won’t get everyone speculating on whether you have a little “bun” in that oven.

Article by: Maryanne Young

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