Vaseline Clinical Care

Vaseline Clinical Care

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Listen Up Vaseline Lovers!

Introducing your 5-day solution to eczema and extremely dry skin: the NEW Vaseline Clinical Care Range.

Your favourite trusted skin expert is launching a new solution for all your eczema and dry skin concerns because when your skin is healthy, there are no limits to what you can do.

Vaseline knows that nothing feels worse than being uncomfortable in your own skin and want to help give you the immediate, clinical relief you need.

That’s why we’re launching their Clinical Care Range which has been specifically formulated to treat and soothe eczema-prome and extremely dry and sensitive skin. Developed by dermatologists, these creams use the new, patented technology, Barrier Repair complex, to give you up to 72 hours protection and leave your skin resilient and healthy.

We’re Putting it to the Test

Vaseline promises that these new products will help restore your hard to heal skin in just 5 days and we’ve selected a group of skincare influencers who will put this promise to the test. Our influencers will keep us updated on their experience with Vaseline Clinical Care and whether they are feeling the difference.




We are excited for you to follow their five day journey with Vaseline Clinical Care. You can join the conversation too by following the hashtag on Instagram!








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