Treating Silly Season Sunburn – Skin Care

Treating Silly Season Sunburn – Skin Care


Looking for the perfect skin care product or remedy to treat your sunburn? No need to worry! Find out EVERYTHING you need to know on skin care products and DIY products to treat it!

Ok, so you know all about how you ‘should’ protect yourself from the sun & you’re very careful and responsible using skin care products.Usually.

But somewhere, somehow you slipped up, and loved the sun just a little too much. And now your skin is not loving you for it at all.

Now what?!

I found these home remedies for sunburn to be the most popular out there, and I’ve tried quite a couple of them myself at some time or other and they really do help:

1.) Aspirin
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties aspirin helps to ease the inflammation and pain, as well as reduce the redness & swelling associated with sunburn. It also works for that feverish feeling you inevitably have after overexposure to the sun. Take some immediately when you become aware of your sunburn, and then as needed, following the recommended dosage as per the official indications for the Aspirin meds that you are taking. (My personal preference is Disprin Extra Strenght – it really works wonders!)

2.) Cool down with a soak
Fill up the bathtub with cool water (not too cold) and instead of bath salts, oils, or bubble bath, add one of the following:

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid – one of the components of medications such as Aspirin and is believed to help prevent peeling and blistering by soothing and cooling the the skin. Add 2-3 cups to your bathwater. (You can also use normal white vinegar, but apple cider works best)

Baking soda
Baking soda also has soothing properties for irritated and inflamed skin. Adding 1-2 cups to your bathwater & keep your soaking time down to 15 to 20 minutes. Some people also suggest mixing baking soda and vinegar. (I’ve also tried the same with Bicarbonate Soda – and it did bring some relief)

Oatmeal added to cool bathwater offers another wonderful relief for sunburned skin. Again, add 1-2 cups oatmeal or Aveeno (an oatmeal powder). (This can become quite messy – better used in your cold compress)

Cold ceylon tea is rich in tannins which might have positive effects on healing your sunburn & Green tea (rich in antioxidants) contains ingredients that help protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation damage and reduce inflammation.   Let 4-6 teabags brew in a teapot, add the tea as well as the teabags to your bath water once it has cooled down. (I am a big rooibos tea fan – strongly believe in all its good properties & uses)

The fatty acids and possibly lactic acids in milk are reported to have healing effects on sunburn. Add 1-2 liters to your bathwater (Choose full cream over low fat options – and plain yoghurt can also be used, applied directly to your skin)
oatmeal and tea bags for sunburn
3.) Apply a Cool Compress
Because soaking in the bath is not something we can do all day long, or typically more that once or twice a day, a cool compress is a great way to sooth & calm your skin throughout the day as needed to relieve discomfort. Soak a washcloth in cool water and apply it directly to the burned areas , re-wetting the cloth often to keep it cool.  You can also add any of the soothing ingredient listed for your bath above, to the water that you soak your compress in.

4.) Put your veggies to work
Boil a few cabbage leaves and allow to cool for a few minutes. Place the slightly warm leaves directly onto the sunburn & leave it on for 15-20.min Then rinse it off with cool water. This will relieve some of the discomfort, pain, and redness.

Potatoes have also been used throughout ages as a natural pain reliever. Blend or process your washed potatoes to a liquid form & add some water if it looks too dry. Pat the burned areas with the pulp. Wait until the potatoes dry, then take a cool shower or use it in some gauze as a compress on the affected areas.

Cucumbers also contain compounds that will cool the burn and help reduce swelling. Once again, blend or process to liquid form and apply directly for 15-20min or using the cold compress method.
potato and cucmber for sunburn
5.) Shaving Cream
Another unconventional tip I came across while researching  home sunburn remedies was shaving cream. Shaving cream in a lot of cases has menthol and other chemicals that are naturally cooling and soothing to the skin. (FYI: menthol is a highly volatile compound that evaporates fast, taking the heat from your skin (the sunburn) with it, which causes the cooling effect)

6.) Moisturise!!
So after you’ve used your preferred method to cool down your skin, its time to moisturise, moisturise & moisturise some more!
The sun dries out the skin’s surface and causes cells and blood vessels to leak, causing even greater moisture loss. In addition, while cool baths and compresses can make you feel better, they can also end up robbing moisture from your injured skin.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the most well-known home remedies for sunburn, and provides a cooling sensation to soothe sunburn, as well as helps with the healing process. The thick, gel-like juice of the aloe vera plant is rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. It also causes blood vessels to constrict. Using the actual juice/gel from the leaves will be the most effective, but there are a couple of Aloe ranges out there, which have aloe gels & creams with very high concentrations of Aloe vera in their products. (I use Alcare’s body Aloe Gel religiously, for any burns, rashes, insect bites, as well as in my daily routine as a ‘booster’ under my facial moisturiser. And its really affordable)

Vitamin A C & E
Well known for their ability to promote healthy skin, they can also help to soothe and heal sunburn as well. Choose a cream or lotion that is rich in these vitamins, like Eucerin or Lubriderm A handy tip, is to chill your moisturizer in the refrigerator before using. (Also look for ingredients like chamomile, which is calming & soothing – for sensitive skin).  Do not use Petroleum Jelly or any heat retaining rubs or oils, that will prevent your skin from releasing the heat radiation that it absorbed from the sun!

7.) Re-hydrate
As the sun dried out your skin, it also dehydrated your body as a whole. Be sure to replenish liquids by drinking plenty of water while recovering from a sunburn. Being well hydrated will help burns heal better and re-hydrate your skin from the inside out. Also avoid drinks that will worsen instead of improve your dehydration, like alcohol & coffee.

8.) Loosen Up
Wear loose-fitting, natural-fiber clothing that does not irritate your already sensitive skin any further. A tip I came across is to dust cornstarch on burned areas to ease chafing & to help you deal with irritation from tight elastic in bras and underwear. (Don’t know how messy that may be, but worth a try if you a really suffering a bad burn)

9.) Needless to say.. AVOID FURTHER SUN EXPOSURE as much as possible for at least the next to weeks, depending on the severity of your sunburn. Also avoid hot baths or showers or any activities that raises your body temperature too much.

10.) If your sunburn is severe, with blistering & sun stroke/heat exhaustion symptoms, rather visit your doctor to be on the safe side.

Interesting fact: The effects of excessive sun exposure are unfortunately only observed 2 to 5 hours after sun damage to the skin has occurred & the inflammatory, reddening of the skin is most evident only 12 to 30 hours after excessive sun exposure.

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