Tips for great Instagram content
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Tips for great Instagram content

Need some advice on how to make great content that attracts people to your page? While there are no hard and fast rules that can make your account a smash, these are some simple guidelines and hints that can help elevate your instagram game!

First big tip is be authentic. Your audience follows your account to find out about YOU and what YOU think. There is no point putting up posts that don’t speak to who are and what you believe in because your audience will immediately catch-on and move on. Be REAL! And live in the real world, not the fake world of social media.

Second tip, keep an aesthetic. Instagram is a visual medium and the accounts that perform the best are those that catch the eye as you’re scrolling down your feed and are immediately identifiable to a brand or a person. This can be through a bright colour scheme or tone palette or a connecting visual through each post, for example.

Third tip, engage with your audience. Instagram is an online community and the same way your audience want authentic content it also makes them feel closer and more connected to your account when you like and reply to their comments, repost stories when they tag you and just generally show an interest in their interest for you!

The fourth tip is, post good content regularly. Your followers are on instagram at least once or multiple times a day. By posting one post every day and keeping your stories updated, you will not lose relevance and stay on your followers radar. This leads to interest in your account because it stays as the forefront of their minds.

The fifth tip is, get creative. Instagram is saturated with higher and higher quality content and the newsfeed format means that it all eventually blends into each other. So while some of your posts may be a standard post in line with your aesthetic  for regular posting, having a few posts which are a bit different will make your content stand out on your followers feed. It could be by experimenting with video posts instead of a plain picture, creating intriguing carousels which tell a story or any other idea which sets you apart.

The sixth is hop on the bandwagon. While usually this phrase has negative connotations, in the case of instagram it’s a positive. Making content which links to national or international holidays, worldwide events or even your personal milestones links your content to a greater community and anchors it in something that is relevant to most people. Just be careful that you also stay “on brand” so if your content is all beauty related posting about the Rugby World Cup could seem disjointed and unrelated (though if you can come up with a creative way to connect it, like maybe make-up to show support for your national team that could be a winner as well).

The fun part of content on instagram is that there is a lot of room for creativity and expression. Following these tips can help but it is always a good idea to keep experimenting with new and interesting ways to keep your content engaging.

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