Softest Feet Secrets

Softest Feet Secrets

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Soft, touchable feet is every woman’s (and man’s) dream, but how do we go about achieving what seems to be the impossible in this busy day and age? Here are a few tips to help you out:

Soak your feet
Besides your usual shower or bath ritual, soak your feet in warm water for about 5-10 minutes. This will soften dry, cracked feet, making it easier to get rid of dead skin cells. You can add drops of tea tree or olive oil into the water to help aid the process.


Avoid soaking your feet for too long though. You don’t want prune feet!

soak your feet

Exfoliate your feet
As you do your face, you should also be exfoliating your feet. Whether it’s with a foot scrub, foot file or pumice stone, exfoliating is important for getting rid of old outer layers of skin, and producing new skin cells, and of course, your softest feet yet.

Don’t overdo it
Don’t go overboard with exfoliating your feet. You will only end up breaking your skin down, causing more damage than before. Only use exfoliating products and tools when it is necessary.


Moisturise your feet
Before you go to bed, slather your feet with lotion and put on a pair of clean socks. It’s best to do this at night before you go to sleep as the moisturising effect will be better. You can use any lotion for this. If you have really dry skin on the other hand, try using a more nourishing lotion or body butter. Body oils work just as well.  

Massage your feet
Sit back, relax, and get your feet massaged. It will improve the blood circulation of your feet, relieve muscle strain, and ensure that the skin of your feet feels much softer and refreshed.


Shape your toenails
Long, unruly toenails are a home to dirt and bacteria. Keeping your toe nails in shape will prevent toenails and foot infections from spreading around.

Wear comfortable shoes
Steer clear from anything that causes you foot pain while you walk. Wearing proper fitting shoes that aren’t painful to the soles of your feet can reduce your chances of developing cracked heels drastically.

love hate jogging

Wear insoles and cushioned socks
Wearing insoles and cushioned socks will help lessen the impact of thin soles on the balls of your feet, preventing hard skin from developing.

Air your shoes out
Smelly shoes are a breeding ground for nasty germs. To keep your feet healthy, air your shoes out for a few hours before you wear them again. If they smell really bad, give them a good clean or even consider throwing them away.

air your shoes out

Give your feet a break
Since hard, cracked heels can be caused by being on your feet for too long, it is important that you give your feet proper rest, especially after a hectic day at the office.

What is your ultimate secret to beautiful, soft feet?

Article by: Caryn Kreuiter


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