SKYN Condoms

SKYN Condoms

100 adventurous BBs put SKYN condoms to the test. Here’s what they had to say…

Products tested: SKYN condoms (R 26.99 for a 2-pack)

Reviewers: 100 adventurous BBs took SKYN condoms for a test drive. SKYN condoms are made from non-latex polyisoprene, a super-soft material that promises to feel like the closest thing to wearing nothing. Our beauties answered an anonymous survey and dished the details on their experiences.

 Here’s what the 90 participants rated SKYN condoms on their experience, fit, lubrication, durability, flavour, texture and packaging:

Terrible Below-average Average Very good Excellent


2.30% 0.00% 8.05% 36.78% 48.28%


1.15% 2.30% 11.49% 31.03% 50.57%


1.15% 0.00% 2.30% 26.44% 68.97%


1.15% 0.00% 17.24% 18.39% 18.39%


1.15% 0.00% 3.45% 22.99% 71.26%


0.00% 0.00% 6.90% 19.54% 72.41%



96% of Insiders thought the condoms had a more natural feel.  “I had to ask him, ‘Are you really, really sure it’s on?'” 

85% of BBs said it felt as if their partner was not wearing a condom. “It really feels like one is wearing nothing at all.” 

93% found sex more stimulating with SKYN condoms.  “Thank you so much SKYN condoms for giving me the best experience ever.” 

97% preferred the non-latex material to traditional latex. “They have a velvety feel to them that’s completely different to rubbery latex.” 

• 98% would recommend SKYN to their friends. “A friend of mine is allergic to latex, so I will definitely recommend SKYN to her.”  

• 98% would purchase SKYN condoms again. “We’ll definitely only buy SKYN from now on.” 

Thanks to all the Beauties who participated in the SKYN product review club. If you haven’t tried SKYN condoms yet, this is all the proof you need that SKYN changes EVERYTHING…

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