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Did someone say budget-friendly convenience that’s better for you and the planet? Sign us up ‘cos we know living well is not always easy (on us or our wallets 😩)! Work, family, daily responsibilities, gym, meal prep – ugh! So much to do, so little time… Simple Truth by Checkers gets it.

What is Simple Truth?

A range of products exclusive to Checkers that covers all food and household categories – from peanut butter to eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner! Simple Truth is affordable, accessible, and made from real, familiar ingredients you can actually pronounce. No added MSG, artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners – just the simple, transparent truth. #DiscoverSimpleTruth

Is Simple Truth really worth the hype?

We’ve recruited a trial team of health aisle-addicts – creative foodies, eco-friendly cleaning whizzes, and health hackers – to put a selection of Simple Truth’s products to the test. They want to see if Simple Truth really delivers as a wallet-friendly, ingredient-transparent, delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly shopping range from pantry to cleaning cupboard. Follow the conversation at #DiscoverSimpleTruth to hear their honest reviews for yourself.

PLUS, STAND A CHANCE TO WIN YOUR SHARE OF 3 X R500 Checkers vouchers when you enter the Simple Truth This or That E-vent competition! For more info, visit: CLICK HERE


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