Goodbye dark underarm marks, Hello even tone! #HelloEvenToneSA Introducing a newly-launched product formulated by Shield, South Africa’s leading antiperspirant brand. Shield Even Tone is the latest in antiperspirant technology and promises to reduce dark underarm marks in just seven days! It’s time to say goodbye dark marks and hello even skin tone. #HelloEvenToneSA Pro-Tip: Shield is intelligently designed to be activated by movement, allowing it to provide the ultimate protection against wetness and odour for 48-hours! Now, with the added benefit of removing dark underarm marks that restrict everyday activities, Shield Even Tone really allows you to move with confidence. Bring on the unashamed yoga poses, high-fives, dance moves, and pull-ups! Does it really work? Yes! Dark underarm marks and uneven tone are caused by dehydration. That’s why Shield Even Tone contains moisturising ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and glycerin that deeply nourish and moisturise the skin. It’s also specially formulated with a powerful Vitamin B3 Complex.This complex works to reduce dark marks from deep beneath the skin’s surface layer, ensuring you’re left with nothing but the even tone you’ve always wanted. The #HelloEvenToneSA Challenge We’ve recruited 250 active men, women and their chosen partners to put Shield Even Tone to the test. Follow the hashtag #HelloEvenToneSA to see what they have to say about Shield Even Tone for yourself: Click Here Want to know more? Make sure you join our #HelloEvenToneSA Insta-Party and stand a chance to WIN! Click Here For Details. The #HelloEvenToneSA Insta-Party is where you’ll have all your burning questions about Shield Even Tone answered by real people that have trialed it themselves. Keep a look out for our save the date newsletter!

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