Did you know that even healthy foods can damage your teeth?


Yep, just because you eat healthy foods, doesn’t mean your teeth are protected from enamel erosion… 

If your health is your number priority; you’re someone that LOVES fruit, smoothies, poke bowls or sports drinks; or simply takes a proactive approach to your health by preventing problems before they start, you NEED to follow



About the project

We’ve recruited a team of Healthy Lifestylers to share their knowledge with you on which kinds of healthy acidic foods are eating your enamel… and, more importantly, what you can do to rebuild, restore, and refresh your smile

with the NEW Sensodyne Pronamel.


Join the conversation by following #IsWhatYouEatEatingYourEnamel and you’ll find out:

  •  whether you’re at risk of enamel erosion
  •  which healthy acidic foods damage your teeth
  •  how Sensodyne Pronamel works as a protective AND restorative solution for enamel erosion
  •  honest reviews on Sensodyne Pronamel from real people who’ve tried it themselves


About Sensodyne Pronamel

Pronamel is Sensodyne’s latest innovation; a toothpaste that acts as both a protective AND restorative solution for enamel erosion caused by healthy acidic foods, such as pineapple, citrus, soya sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, etc.

Find out more about how it works here: