Got breakout-prone or oily skin but still love it through thick & thin?

YOU’RE INVITED TO OPT-IN and trial Protex Face, Protex’s brand-new skincare range. #FaceYourDay #Protex

Do you experience regular breakouts or an oily complexion? Have you learned to accept your “imperfections” while caring for your skin with daily regimes? Or are you working towards that? Are you skin-positive and passionate about helping others discover self-acceptance and love?

This is an epic opportunity! We give you Protex Face to share with two social-media-savvy friends, you give us and your followers honest feedback and share your inspiring skin story. Apply now for the #FaceYourDay Project running from 8 November to 6 December 2021.

What is Protex Face?

Protex is SA’s leading soap bar brand, trusted to protect the whole family against 99.9% of germs while boosting the skin’s own natural anti-germ defences by up to ten times! And now, finally, there’s an anti-germ solution for your complexion: Protex Face, the all-new skincare range by Protex!

Developed by skincare experts and tested by dermatologists, Protex Face is designed specifically for use on pimple/breakout-prone and oily skin – with unique products for each condition. Protex Face claims to be 99.9% effective against pimple-causing germs and work to remove impurities so you can #FaceYourDay with confidence!

Who are we looking for?

High schoolers, uni students, and young professionals with breakout-prone or oily skin who are passionate about spreading a skin positive message – accepting and loving your skin no matter what season it’s in – and destigmatising acne/pimples/breakouts. At the same time, you understand the importance of daily/nightly anti-germ skincare routines as acts of self-love.

We want YOU to inspire your followers to take back their power from skin insecurity. We want you to encourage them to reframe skin “imperfections” and trade undeserved shame for skin love, acceptance, and care by cultivating healthy habits with Protex Face. #FaceYourDay 

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