Is your dandruff, itchy scalp, or irritable skin condition making you too

self-conscious to show up to life’s occasions? #DontFlakeSA

Our Glo-up trial team know the struggle. They’ve been flaking on events they should be showing up to. They’ve been shelving black outfits ‘cos of dandruff and dresses/vests ‘cos they’re too ashamed to show their dry patches… but not anymore!

They’re putting Selsun 2.5% to the test to see if it really works to treat their scalp/skin condition. They want to know: can it give them the confidence they need to quit flaking? 

What is Selsun 2.5%?

It’s the shampoo that claims to make your scalp/skin condition a thing of the past. It’s a Schedule 0 medication that contains Selenium Sulphide, the hero ingredient used for treating dandruff, fungal infections, and irritable skin conditions. It claims to relieve itching, flaking, scaling, and dry skin on the scalp and body. Find out more here

Join the #DontFlakeSA E-vent on Instagram on 20 March!

Our Glo-up Team will be doing their BIG REVEAL. Are you ready to see their After photos?

This is you chance to applaud them and find out:

– Does Selsun 2.5% really work? Hear honest feedback from people that have tried it themselves!
– Honest reviews on Selsun 2.5%… Can they finally wear the black outfit they’ve been avoiding, free of flakes?

Or the dress/vest that used to show their dry patches?
– Will the influencers’ like-concerned friends rise to the challenge and show up to the event?