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There’s a Perfect Touch haircare product for every hairstyle and type, from stick-straight to the coarsest curls. Condition your curl with Curl Defining Mousse. Shape up with Shine & Gel Wax. Firm up your ‘fro with Alcohol-Free Gel. And stretch your styling with Ultra-Hold Hairspray. Perfect Touch is suitable for men and women with all hair types, natural or synthetic.

Reviews (59)

59 reviews for The Perfect Touch Range

  1. Trish Dlamini

    I had locks then cut my hair didn’t know what to do with it really till Perfect Touch products landed in my hands. I am able to style up my curls, later my edges (two different looks) with short hair! My sister tried it out on her wigs too !! Sis layered her edges and also pulled a wet look… not only that, the products feel good and smell good.

  2. Katelyn Mulligan

    Absolutely loved it!
    My favourite product has to be the curl defining mousse

  3. Faith Mutizira

    Firstly I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to take part in the Perfect Touch #HairMeOutSA Trial.
    My hair is my pride and I enjoyed creating different hairstyles with the products. I love curls, and the Curl Defining Mousse was perfect with what I wanted to do in terms of curls. It did however leave my hair a little dirty. I didn’t use much of the Alcohol Free Gel and Ultra Hold Hairspray because it would leave my hair greasy.
    I really enjoyed using the Gel Wax because I’ve always wanted to create edges/ waves with my baby hair but never tried until I joined the Perfect Touch #HairMeOutSA Trial.

    Overall I would recommend the Perfect Touch products and definitely use the Curl Defining Mousse again.

    Thank you Brand Advisor / Beauty Bulletin.

  4. Thapi Senenya

    The products were amazing and I would definitely recommend the gel and the gel wax as those were my favorite.

  5. Sarah Banda

    After using this range for a few weeks on my Afro, I don’t see myself using anything else. They are good for styling natural hair and smell great!

  6. Lukhanyo Kwatsha

    The products met and exceeded my expectations.
    I’m defs repurchasing.

  7. Franchaska Nkosi

    Each of these products have made styling my hair a breeze.

    I will be using them forever ❤️

  8. Dominique O’Neill-Schonken

    Absolutely love all of these products. The curl defining mousse was my favourite and I will purchase it again and again. Every time I styled my hair with it I got compliments on how great my hair looked. The hair spray was also a favourite and I loved that it was not in an aerosol. It truly held my hair in place all day. The gel was great for holding back fly always and I completed almost ever hair style with some gel. The wax I used once and while it was not a fav for me and my hair type my husband has used it everyday and we will be definitely be buying it for him again. Over all I’m genuinely impressed. Thanks for having me be apart of this trial 👌🏼💞💁🏼‍♀️

  9. Boitumelo Motlhatlhedi

    Absolutely loooove their gel wax. Creates the perfect edges and laaays them very well. However I was not fond of the smell because it was quite strong and soapy also for my natural hair 4c sisters I recommend that you apply more moisture so the spray or some water to your hair so the edges can lay easily. The Curl Defining mousse is incredible I love it to keep your curls moist and bounce which was the only reason I used it. I went along with the alcohol free gel to lay my baby hairs for my wig. Unfortunately I prefer a different brand for that because my edges would only last for a few hours in the day. Overall I would recommend the Perfect touch Gel Wax. It really was my favourite. Thank you to Brand Advisor for choosing me to be part of the Perfect Touch trial I had fun seeing your amazing hairstyles.

  10. Ponatshego Moloisi

    I loved the products the only problem I had was with the gel because it couldn’t hold my natural hair for long

  11. Donachcha

    Though I didn’t do much posting, the products were effective in slicking down my kinky hair as well as defining my curl. I wouldn’t recommend using too much of the product because it left a white residue which I had to wash out very often.
    Otherwise it made styling my hair fun and actually gave me a little confidence boost to try out something new with my hair.

  12. Sisonke Gabisa

    I really was surprised at how amazing these products are. My favorite has to be the gel wax and the Curl Defining Mousse! I definitely recommend these!

  13. Lisa_JamJam

    I put these amazing products to trial for the past few weeks and I must say I’m impressed, the packaging, the fragrance, the effectiveness, the texture. I was impressed with these products. They’re your go to products for any and every hairstyle. I tried them on my weave and my natural. The products wash off easily and they all have their own unique and beautiful fragrance. I will rate them 10/10. Highly recommended. I’ve attached the link to one of the tutorials I posted on Instagram, enjoy and happy styling😘

  14. Jordan Smail

    The wax is my absolute favourite product and I would highly recommend it. It has now taken the place of my previous wax that I was using for my edges.

  15. Lindelani Mutswaletswale

    I love them so much especially the gell wax.

  16. Avuyile Nongogo

    The products were amazing, I used the Wax which sleeked fly always very nicely, if you were looking for a natural looking sleek look. The Curl Mousse was amazing! My Bantu knots will never be the same. The gel didn’t provide an extreme hold but it got the job done

  17. Thapi Semenya

    This range is definitely a have to try. It exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend it. My favorite products were the gel and the gel wax.

  18. Karen Muvumba

    This products were simply amazing. My favourites has to be the gel wax and alcohol free gel. Since I have natural hair, it’s a bit difficult to keep it down but with the help of these products, I was able to achieve sleek looks.
    These products helped me express myself through my hairstyles and I loved it.

    Highly recommend these products to all my Kings and Queens looking to hair-xpress themselves.

  19. Astrid Jordaan

    The Perfect Touch Range has products that would satisfy your desired hairstyle. Once used you’d feel like you’ve just stepped out of a hair salon. Would definitely recommend it to anyone 💯

  20. Nayizolo Simelane

    I love the styling gel,it does wonders

  21. Chantal Mkhonza

    Super grateful for the opportunity to be part of the trial team❤

    LOVED the product! From the packaging to the fragrance and the efficiency!😍
    I used all the products on my natural hair (4c) and on my synthetic wigs and they did not disappoint me at all!!
    My fave is the gel wax because I can finally sleek my edges😍
    All of the products went above and beyond my expectations therefore I will be repurchasing ALL of them before I even run out💃❤ although I wish they came in a bigger size❤

    Watch the full review on my YouTube channel🤗❤

  22. Kamohelo

    The Perfect Touch Gel Wax worked so perfectly with my hair, it left no frizz and it was really easy to use

  23. Maggy Selepe

    It doesn’t flick, it dry a little fast and lay all my netural 4c hair well and it smell so good and it does not leave the white color on the hair and is easy to wash.

  24. Precious lekala

    Love the products, they are affordable and accessible

  25. Primrose Mahlangu-Irwin

    The perfect touch is super PERFECT ! The brand lives up to their name ! And they make it quicker and easier for you to style your hair however you desire ..

  26. Sheena Deepnarain

    Overall I was impressed with how these products delivered on results for styling hair. It delivered optimum results for an affordable brand. It’s defintely a product I would again and repurcahse.
    It also was a hassle free product that was easy to use.

  27. Lene__Sch

    I really enjoyed putting the Perfect Touch Range of hair styling products to the test.

    Style after style the results were above expectation – each product does exactly what it claims to do! They are easily available at an affordable price and a staple in my routine.

    My favorite item is the Ultra Hold Hairspray because it isn’t sticky, non-flaking and doesn’t make your hair static or smell weird – definitely a must-have!

  28. Lene__Sch

    I really enjoyed putting the Perfect Touch Range of hair styling products to the test.

    Style after style the results were above expectation – each product does exactly what it claims to do! They are easily available at an affordable price and a staple in my routine.

    My favorite item is the Ultra Hold Hairspray because it is effective in locking down your style (especially for curls) and it doesn’t make your hair smell weird – definitely a must-have!

  29. ANELE

    I think it works wonders

  30. Michaela

    An excellent range! I absolutely loved the curl defining mousse. It really lives up to its name. All my frizz was taken care of. As a curly girl this range, helps with all styles. The scent is lovely and there is no residue. I’ll definitely keep buying it.

  31. Nasiphi Nkumbesi

    The curl definition mousse and the holding spray worked wonders on my hair.. You think you have straight hair?! Try the 2 products and they will show you how perfectly everyone can be a curly girl /guy

  32. David Moholane

    the products are amazing, fragrant and residue free. They make hair manageable and popping. They really are a perfect touch to hair.

  33. Rorisang Khadienyane

    The products are truly awesome. They leave no grease or white residue. Also they offer long lasting hairstyles… just spray your holding spray and your style will flourish for longer😁

  34. Cindy-Leigh

    The gel and gel wax are my favourite products. The gel makes styling easier, it doesn’t flake and it wash out easily. I love the fact that the products can be used on any hair type. I also love the curling mouse and I would highly recommend it if you want to enhance your curls.

  35. Nobelungu

    I absolutely love this range

  36. Basetsana Oliphant

    All the products do exactly what they say they do and really well so heres a picture when i used the Perfect Touch Curling Mousse

  37. Lerato

    I really didn’t expect anything but the ordinary from the products. But they really exceeded my expectations, I love how easy they are to manage and also to remove after styling. I definitely recommend this brand for all your styling needs.

  38. Prudence Mira

    I honestly love the whole range, i was not sure about the holding gel because most gels flake a lot or dry the hair, but not this product. I’m happy with the whole range loved using it. The curling hair mousse is the best for twists OMG!

  39. sibongile Radunz

    My favourite product would me the curl defining moose. It smells amazing and gave my curls life 🙂

  40. Vuyelwa Ndlovu

    I have very short type 4C hair (my hair is about an inch long, at most), so I decided to put these products to the test, particularly the Gel Wax. Having been very happy with the curl defining mousse in the past, I had faith in the products, but had a bit of doubt that the gel would slick down my short type 4C hair (I thought I was being realistic). To my very pleasant surprise, the Perfect Touch Gel Wax not only slicked down my hair, but also held it down ALL DAY LONG! The attached video was how I achieved the look using only pure water and the Perfect Touch Gel Wax, and I later gave an update and my hair was still very much in place 😍

    I would 100000% recommend these products – they’re inclusive and suitable for all hair types, they’re not heavy, and they’re all very lightly fragranced – as someone with sinusitis, I appreciate that they smell good without giving me a reaction.

  41. Sarah Banda

    I really enjoyed using the Perfect Touch range because every single product is great for a certain hairstyle whether used individually or together the products always give your look a sleek amazing finish. They left my hair looking and smelling great. My favorite product has to be the Gel wax because I love laid and snatched edges. The products exceed my expectations and I am absolutely obsessed with them.

  42. Sarah Banda

    I really enjoyed using the Perfect Touch range because every single product is great for a certain hairstyle whether used individually or together the products always give your look a sleek amazing finish. They left my hair looking and smelling great. My favorite product has to be the Gel wax because I love laid and snatched edges. The products exceed my expectations and I am absolutely obsessed with them. I highly recommend them

  43. Sokuphila Mkosana

    I give these products 5 stars because they meet my expectations, they’re cost effective and they get the job done ✅

  44. Tshedza Singo

    I personally enjoyed using all the products from styling my braids to creating a wet look for my wig to braid my hair and now styling my short hair.
    The mousse is AMAZING, its the most amazing mousse I’ve ever used and im plugged forever.
    The gel wax works amazingly on natural hair. It lays the hair really well and does not leave white residue.
    The setting spray SETS! It did not come to play ! Great for setting your wet looks.
    Lastly the gel, all i can say is I’ve finallu found a gel i can use to lay my fluffy edges.
    I am really plugged. I enjoyed these products so much

  45. Toby

    The hair products were amazing and would highly recommend. The hair mousse was by far my favourite it was really excellent, and the way I use it so much I am starting to run out of it, an essential for curly and straight wigs.

  46. Chelsey

    I love love loved the heat protector and non-alcohol gel.
    The curl mouse was too sticky as well as the wax

  47. Lisa Jam Jam

    I loved each and every product for their uniqueness in fragrance, texture, result and effectiveness. Perfect touch has a product for every hairstyle. Whether it’s curls, wet look, sleek bun or ponytail or to add shine and life to your hair. They’re great on both weaves/wigs and natural hair. I love that they are not gender specific, their target market is both males and females. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family. I will proudly continue to use these products for my hair.

  48. Tshegofatso Moitsemang

    I absolutely loved using these products because they exceeded my expectations. The best benefit of these products isn’t their effectiveness, user friendliness, long lasting results, cute packaging or their affordable prices but it’s the fact that they don’t damage your hair at all! With that said, they are suitable for all hair types. I definitely wouldn’t think twice about recommending these products to anyone.

  49. Jade Mack

    This product is perfect even for type 4 hair. Sleeks down your hair perfectly!

  50. Makayla

    I love how effective these products are, I have so much using these products to express myself through my hair , I used the products for fun hairstyles and day to day hairstyles and i was so impressed!

  51. Chezrey

    Absolutely love the gel wax and especially the alcohol free gel. For the first time ever, these gels really did the things with sleek looks and also laying my edges, my curly hair stayed sleek and frizz free. Definitely
    highly recommended for frizzy hair.

  52. Caron

    It was my first time trying out the Perfect touch range and I was so amazed by the curl defining mousse. I love the texture and smell of the mousse and I love how the foam desolves into my hair. I also love that the gel is alcohol free and can be used to lay your edges as well. I did not really like the texture and the colour of the wax but I think it is a good product to style your hair. The ultra hold hairspray is good for any hairstyle and works magically.

  53. Sthabile Ngozo

    I am never going back to any other products. Absolutely fell in love with these products. They’re affordable and worth every penny.

  54. Jessica

    Love these products, they super affordable and they get the job done.

  55. Sdudla Somdantso

    I started using the perfect touch products a week after I was selected to be part of the influencer product review trial by @Brandadvisor .

    I started off by using the Curl Defining Mousse on my straight 26″ weave , I plaited my weave and applied the mousse on each plait , I kept my hair in an airtight bag for 2 days .

    I then detangled the plaits and I achieved waves I applied the Mousse again guess what ? 😍
    Those waves I got from the plaits were so beautiful and all curled up 🔥.

    Week 2 I tried a look on my bob using the Ultra hold Spray as well as the Mousse , my wetlook came out beautifully .

    Week 3 . I used the Gel wax and Styling Gel on my natural hair which is the attached picture , I wasn’t quite sure about the Styling gel since most styling gels would have a flaky finish on my hair but I was so surprised that the Perfect Touch Styling gel didn’t have a flaky finish , love the smell and I’d highly recommend the gel to anyone who has natural hair the gel does wonders , not forgetting how the gel wax helped me snatch my edges 😍 leaves a shiny finish and its non sticking so its easy to work with .

    I enjoyed being part of this trial thank you @Brandadvisor & Perfect Touch

    My IG handle : sdudla_somdantso 💕

  56. Nadine

    I am extremely impressed with the Perfect Touch Range. The price is great for the results I always achieve when using their products. I can always trust that I will get the results I desire and this makes styling my hair 100% easier. Love it.

  57. Yolanda Kamana

    My own experience with Perfect Touch hair products was soo amazing, I was one of the influences and I loved how the products work and give great results, they are very good and soo useful and also easy to use

  58. Kimberly

    This is the first tutorial video I took and I must say it has been an absolute pleasure! My 2 faves were the Alcohol-Free Styling Gel & Curl Defining Mousse 😍

    The Styling Gel leaves my edges looking neat and defined, and the curls from the Mousse are to die for!
    The only other feedback I have is that the gel gets to dry and stiff as if I just put hairspray on, which I am not used to from the other brand that I use. The flakyness the next day also isn’t my favourite part.

    However, I would definitely recommend the Perfect Touch range! 💖

  59. Nombulelo Bidla

    I have an afro and it is hard fo manage and play with. The perfect Touch products helped me play around with my hair styles and I actually enjoyed it!! Great experience. The gel didn’t leave my hair flaky and white!! Lovely stuff..

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