Status Wild Ivory Range

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Long-lasting Status Deodorant will keep you feeling fresh and your most confident all day, every day. Status is available in 8 distinctive scents to suit 8 distinctive profiles, including determined and strong Pure Endurance, masculine and seductive Rich Ebony, and modern and refined Respect. Available in regular-sized aerosol, man-sized aerosol, and anti-perspirant roll-on.

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Status Wild Ivory Range

  1. Liviwe Takule

    The way I’m so in love with the brand and it’s scent it got me longing for it’s cologne

  2. Thato Mokoena

    Absolutely loved it. It is long lasting and smells incredible. 10/10 would recommend

  3. James Strydom

    Hey Brand advisor team ,I’ve been apart of the status trial team and I’ve been using this product from the get to and I must it it’s definitely one for the gents .As of being the current Mr Africa 2020 I’ve been wearing to all my charity ,photo shoots ,day to day career job as well as the gym and there hasn’t been one day where I haven’t been complimented on my sent .

  4. Pitsi

    It’s a value for money deodorant, I love Wild Ivory.

  5. Pitso Komane

    Smells like choclate.the scent never leaves you.Got people askimg what do I use.Loved it

  6. Dean Masola

    It’s long lasting.

  7. Ayabonga

    Smells amazing

  8. Maverick saint

    Long lasting, has a touch of sophistication and gentleman like.

  9. Thomas

    They smell really good, last all day and don’t leave any white stains
    Very good products!

  10. Ferreira

    Both the roll on and deodorant have a very long lasting scent to it and keeps you smell great but sexy,with this comes confidence.

  11. Surendran Reddy

    After spraying the Status deodorant Wild Ivory range with immediate effect I got compliments about how great I smell. So I would say that the Status deodorant has a long lasting scent, and is worth it and could never go wrong with a fresh scent all thanks to Status deodorant Wild Ivory.

  12. Lwando Tungela

    The scent is smoothe yet powerful. It left me feeling confident and everyone gave me compliments on how good I smelled because of it. It’s long lasting. I loved everything about it I am hooked.

  13. Rudy Samuel

    One of my favorite experiences ever. From receiving the package to the posts and to wearing the deodorant on me and getting compliments from people from all over. I’d highly recommend. 10/10


    I used both the roll on and deodorant for wild ivory
    As a student that’s trying to balance social life and academics.
    The wild ivory helped a lot with it’s long lasting scent after my gym workouts
    I used to get lots of compliments after applying it at the gym and I’d gladly recommend it if u want to smell fresh after gym.

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