Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets

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recommended selling price 30s (R62,99), 12s (R33,95)

Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets are your lucky ticket to saving time, electricity, and money when it comes to doing laundry. Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets allow you to wash a mixed load together – even whites and blacks and colours that run*.

The sheets are filled with unique colour-collecting molecules that are released to bind with colour particles directly in the water. The sheets’ have a microfiber structure which quickly absorbs the loose colours from the water, locking them in immediately to ensure each garment’s colour stays bright and clean, with no colour runs. All you have to do is pop two (2) sheets into the drum of your washing machine, et voila: your garments come out bright and clean with no discolouration!

Available from selected Dis-Chem, Pick ‘n’ Pay, Spar and Checkers stores nationwide and online @takealot.com

*New coloured items should be washed separately first as product performance cannot be guaranteed where there are excessive amounts of colour bleed. Use two sheets for heavily dyed garments (particularly cottons) of those with poor colour fastness

Reviews (58)

58 reviews for Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets

  1. Mathapelo Mashabela

    Dr Beckman Color and Dirt Collector for me is very effective, didn’t experience any color runs and my clothes remained radiant after wash, I’d strongly recommend it.

  2. Nomaswazi Precious Nkosi

    It works great, it does indeed do what the manufacturers claim it can do. However, my chosen challenge partner did not get a successful result, and lost her favorite white colored bedding set to the test. 🙆🏽‍♀️ Find my results on Insta @humildesruinas (Presh (TheOne). 🤸🏽‍♀️

  3. Megan Hunter

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from these, but was excited to give them a try & see the results for myself. And I was blown away! They definitely do work & it’s such a pleasure to be able to do one load of washing with all colours together.

  4. Charmaine Manganye

    Dr Beckmann color and dirt collector sheets is the best thing that I ever used. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is keen on saving money and electricity and the great thing about the color and dirt collector sheets is that it allows you to wash all your clothes at one go you don’t need to separate colors. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself you’ll see

  5. Nosisa Bulose

    As a person who works during the week and studies on weekends doing my laundry was very time consuming, because I had to colour code and wash colours separately. This used to take hours. Dr.Beckmann came to the rescue, I have saved so much time doing my laundry and saved water and electricity too, it works wonders!

  6. Bernita Kalyan

    These sheets have saved me time, water and electricity. Never thought I’d be able to do mixed color loads. If you haven’t already tried this product give it a go. You will not be disappointed

  7. Liesl Leonard

    I love that Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets make doing your laundry sooooo much easier. I no longer need to separate my colours, darks and whites… And I save water, electricity and time by doing fewer washes. I have already recommended it to everyone I know.

  8. Cody Fletcher

    We so enjoyed trialing this amazing product! It keeps your white washing white and your colour clothing brighter than ever! You can wash all your clothes together and it saves you time, money and it is so effective

  9. Elizabeth Moodley

    Blown away by this product, it’s the kind of product you might think you don’t need but you actually really do!! Living in a water scarce province this has saved me water(along with time and electricity). Very impressed and would highly recommend.

  10. Natasha Chetty

    Wonderful product. Works well without separating color. I always mess my clothes with runs. Not anymore. I like these sheets.

  11. Gaba

    The product is great and actually does work magic on your laundry

  12. Sarah Dawn Mkhize

    This product went above and beyond my expectations. As a newlywed I’m learning to run my own house but with just the two of us one of my biggest frustrations was doing half loads! What a waste!!! Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets have changed my life! I’m not wasting time or electricity and the cost of the sheets in the long will enable us to save money. My clothes have never looked brighter! And the ease of doing washing has never been better!

  13. Zaza Williams-Letsholo

    Being chosen to be one of the trial team members was extremely exciting but I was extremely freaked out to try it on my laundry for the first time. To my surprise, it worked like a charm with no hassles at all. I can officially say that I am a life-time advocate for this brand and product. It did exactly what it says it does and stays consistent with every load. I am extremely impressed and so is my family (especially my 3 year old son). We are all able to save so much time, money and electricity which allows us to spend more time together doing all the other things we’d rather be doing.

    I am never looking back.

    #MixColoursWithConfidenceSA FOREVER!

  14. Tshedza

    The product worked amazingly, however i found that if you leave the sheet amoungs the clothes once done wash the sheets stain the clothes. The sheets are effective and they have really helped me in saving money and time.

  15. Simphiwe Ntuli

    This product saves time… Money and effort…

    I love it, especially being a working single mom… I don’t have to separate clothes.. I can now spend more time with my kids than on the laundry.

  16. Vuyisile Masilela

    This product is beyond amazing,during the time of lockdown using less water and electricity is crucial to our survival and this works amazingly,the brightest of colours with the whitest of shirts do not run and this is comforting.

  17. Rowyn Coetzee

    This product is really exciting to work with. It also does exactly what is promised. Such an amazing product on the market! This is a game changer.

  18. Rivania Pillay

    The days of separating your laundry into colour-coded loads are over, which was a chore that I have always dreaded. To date, I still have not figured out what to do with floral and stripe prints. The Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector sheets give you the freedom to mix your black, white, colour, and garments that run all together in one wash. To prevent the running colours from mixing and staining your clothes simply add two of the Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector sheets into your machine with your clothes, the colour collecting molecules release from the sheets to bind with colour particles directly in the water. The sheets then absorb the loose colours from the water ensuring that no colours transfer onto your clothes and are sealed immediately onto the sheets. This will ensure that the only thing leaving your clothes is dirt and/or sweat, leaving behind the clothes’ natural bright colour.

    I first tested the sheets by mixing some dark and light colours. I then decided to add my lounge pillowcases (cotton and suede) which are bold in colour and the texture of the material is different and added those with the rest of my laundry. In both scenarios the sheets were able to collect the running colour and keep my light clothes bright and stain free. A quick tip, add the sheets to the center of your clothing to collect the colour from all your clothes as the sheets are thin and can sometimes get squashed to the side if placed on the outer rim. To view some before and after pictures follow the tag, #MixColoursWithConfidenceSA on Instagram or visit my account, @TheGlamUnicornBlog.
    Overall thoughts: I definitely believe the Dr. Beckmann sheets will help make laundry simpler and less time-consuming. I was able to mix my light and dark clothes (as evident in my IGTV video) without stressing about the colour running and staining other garments. This meant that we only had one load of washing as opposed to two, saving me time, water, electricity, and money.

  19. Ntombi Mtandeki

    I think it is very convenient and so wish knew this product way before ey. But thankful for the opportunity now I know where to go.

  20. Natasha @MrsChettyLife


    Final results and comments

    Dr.Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector provides long lasting protection to your clothes in the laundry.
    It protects your clothes original colors, prevents colour change from other clothes colour run. Saves washes and electricity from constant washing. You only need to wash your clothes once for them to be clean. And collects dirt.

    I didn’t have to sort my clothes out by colour. A tedious task I don’t prefer.
    My clothes are clean and this is one happy mom. #mrschettylife #ecoblogsa #samomblogger #ecomom #econest @brandadvisor.co.za #drbeckmanncolouranddirtcollector

  21. Victoria Cloete

    🌈 Guess who’s mixing colours with confidence? Me! What do you do with multi-coloured clothes with patterns and stripes and a mix of different shades altogether? Normally if you don’t separate these type of washing loads the dirt and colour gets released into the laundry water and leave your washing dull and grey.

    Well, @brandadvisor.co.za gifted me the new @Dr Beckmann SA Colour & Dirt Collector ADVANCED laundry sheets that contains unique colour collecting molecules offering colour protection to your laundry.

    I’ve done more that 5 loads thus far using this product and I’m thoroughly impressed. It’s just so convenient. 👕

    The microfiber sheets provides colour protection by absorbing loose colour, they basically lock-on to these sheets. Leaving your laundry fresh, vibrant and good as new. Saving you lotsa time, water and electricity! #mixcolourswithconfidence #DRBeckmann

  22. Karen Marais

    For long Lasting Colour and protection for your laundry , i would definitely recommend Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets.

    I was really skeptical when i first go the products as i was always taught to separate white, dark and bright clothes.

    Initially i was nervous to put all the clothes together in a wash load.
    I was super impressed with the results.

    At recommended selling price 30s (R62,99), 12s (R33,95) you will probably save money on electricity and water by only doing one load of laundry instead of multiples loads.

    It definitely saved me time!
    Available from selected Dis-Chem, Pick ‘n’ Pay, Spar and Checkers stores nationwide and online @takealot.com

  23. Olwethu Magadla

    I love my clothes so much I was very nervous to try the new Dr Beckmann Colour collector sheets but to my surprise the worked like a charm. This is a game changing product that has changed the way i do laundry completely. As a student it definitely saves money and a lot of time you can use to other stuff you love or even squeeze in more studying too. Not to mention how affordable it is. Very good for a tight student budget. I am definitely mixing colours with confindence!

  24. Samoné Swartz

    Dr Beckmann has found the perfect formula to saving time , money and energy. The sheets truly work wonders , you do not have to separate any of your clothing or even better you don’t have to worry about damage to your clothing at all. Let me tell you , there was no colour running , discoloration or damage to any of my clothing and sis if that’s not changing the game then I don’t know what is.

  25. Motshedisi Makoea

    With the announcement of the recession, I’ve been thinking of ways to cut down on expenditure, without compromising on quality or efficiency.

    I do my laundry at least three times a week and I live alone. With each laundry day, I wash at least two loads- whites and darks or brights and darks and on other days it’s all three- and that’s just one out of three days.

    But, every cloud has a silver lining and this time, it came in the form of Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets. I must admit that I was nervous at first, especially for my favourite t-shirt, depicted below, but as soon as I was done I felt a huge sense of relief- not just for my favourite t-shirt but for my time and pocket.

    Here’s to cutting down on time spent doing your laundry and money spent on your water and electricity bill.

    This is definitely something I didn’t know I needed for so long.

  26. Nicole Brown

    This product is amazing and really does magic. Was so excited to be part of the trial team.

  27. Lameez Lee

    This product is the ultimate game changer. It allows me to wash all my clothes together with a clear conciousness, saving me time and money. These products has to be included into your laundry routine.

  28. Clare Petra Matthes

    So, I’ll be honest, who in their right mind would wash white and red together? But we did it. The friend I enlisted to help me try this out had had them given to her by her aunt and she was sooooo excited to see them here again, which I think, in itself, says a lot. The OCD in me does not like a full laundry basket and waiting to pile up a whole bunch of whites to run the machine is annoying. The fact that my husband’s work shirt can just go in with everything else and come out white is pretty great. Saves me time and water and electricity and he’s not wondering where his shirts are when he needs them. I must say I really am impressed by the Dr Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collecting Sheets and I would def recommend to them.

  29. Nicole Thema

    Being part of the group that was chosen to try the Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt collector was awesome. at first I was very skeptical about this product because I have never heard of a detergent that allows you to watch all your clothes at once and the color won’t run, I mean how insane is that. Then I got to use it, I was very impressed and I think right there I fell in love with the product. So if you are like me, always dreading to do your laundry because it is time consuming and causes your electricity and water bill to pile up then worry no more because Dr Beckmann has your back.

  30. Ferreira

    The product was effective and the expectations I had were highly met.
    I would definitely purchase it on a regular basis to protect my clothes.

  31. Chanel Lezar

    As a busy mom of two extremely demanding toddlers, I don’t have the time to sit and sort through piles when doing laundry. Since using this clever invention it has changed my life for the better! I can now load all the colours in one load! Even the darks with the lights! I don’t think I can ever go back to not using these colour and dirt collector sheets. This is definitely a best buy! It will save you time, water, money and your sanity.

  32. Clare Matthes

    So, I’ll be honest, who in their right mind would wash white and red together? But we did it. The friend I enlisted to help me try this out had had them given to her by her aunt and she was sooooo excited to see them here again, which I think, in itself, says a lot. The OCD in me does not like a full laundry basket and waiting to pile up a whole bunch of whites to run the machine is annoying. The fact that my husband’s work shirt can just go in with everything else and come out white is pretty great. Saves me time and water and electricity and he’s not wondering where his shirts are when he needs them. I must say I really am impressed by the Dr Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collecting Sheets and I would def recommend to them.

  33. Phathutshedzo

    I would never have gone to the store to buy this if I didn’t have firsthand experience of how it works. I was uneasy with mixing colors for my laundry but after trying it on my kids’ clothes i was more comfortable to do the same on mine. Loved the results. This is definitely staying as part of my Laundry routine💕

  34. Enia Nhachengo

    Best product ever 💃🏽💃🏽 IM still using it and I absolutely love its efficiency 💃🏽💃🏽

  35. Rachel Wakesho Mwangemi

    As a new mom I’m all about saving Time, Money and Electricity especially in the times we are living in now. That is why l recommend Dr Beckmann Colour and dirt collector… It has cut my laundry time in half and I have not had any laundry issues ever since.
    Thank you @athi_brandinfluence for giving me the opportunity to try this product out. I absolutely love it!

  36. Rachel Wakesho Mwangemi

  37. Victoria Soutar

    I loved using this product which was sent to me by Beauty Bulletin & Brand Advisor. At first I was sceptical that a ‘patch’ could mean that I was able to mix my colour washing with my whites (I am a fussy washer and thought I was stuck in my ways of separating washing) but after trying Dr Beckmans Colour & Dirt collector sheets I have saved time, water and electricity by being able to combine loads of washing. I now no longer have to wait till I have a full load of each colour group to do washing and can confidently mix loads together without fuss. I am a huge advocate for the environment and sustainable living so this products sits well with me – I am a bit worried about the material used to make the sheets as I don’t believe it is biodegradable- but maybe that is something Dr Beckmann group can think on.

    Overall I loved this product and would definitely recommend to busy families & individuals.

  38. Nadine Smallberg

    I’m very impressed with these sheets. Doing laundry gives me anxiety to have to wait for white loads to be enough to wash and the running out of clean shirts etc but this is saving me time, water, electricity and ultimately money. I have already bought another box. I definitely recommend this

  39. Lauren Webb

    I absolutely love this product! To be completely honest I was a sceptic at first, thinking to myself: “how could one possibly mix colours????!?” But after testing out this product, I can safely say I am definitely never separating my laundry again! I am obsessed!

  40. Akhona Mjoli

    At first I didn’t think it would work I was abit skeptical but then when I saw the results I was amazed! My nephews clothes and mine were in perfect color shape and honestly it saved the whole family time.

  41. Brenda Zuma

    As a working mom, I usually dedicate an entire day to doing my laundry and house chores. My laundry routine usually involves separating colours and making sure all the kids school shirts are done in a separate load to prevent mixing with other colours, This unfortunately meant I do multiple loads, some really light which wastes detergent, electricity and my precious time. Getting a chance to use the Dr Beckmann sheets meant I no longer need to worry about separating clothes according to colour, I can just pop everything in the washing machine, pop in the colour collector sheets and boom! I was quite anxious when I gave it a try and my heart was beating out of my chest when I opened the machine to inspect my clothes. It worked each and every time and I have the best results with every use. I can now make plans with my friends and not worry about having to spend loads of time doing laundry. My social life can finally get back on track without having to compromise on the cleanliness of my family’s clothing. I am a true believer and will add this to my monthly shopping list.

  42. Aminah Shabodien

    Ok, so i am extremely happy with this product. I must admit that i had my doubts and i was freaking out at one stage that my new sheet would be messed up. Well clearly i was stressing for absolutely nothing and i can now wash my laundry with confidence! –

    Would i recommend this product?
    Definitely! This product is a clear winner and is just so economical.
    You get to save money, time, electricity as well as water. As a new mom you never have enough time so this is most certainly a must have.

    How does it work?
    The sheets have colour collecting molecules which release into the water allowing it to bind with colour particles in the water. The sheets microfiber then absorbs the loose colour from the water capturing the colour run and dirt allowing your clothing to stay brighter for longer.
    All you have to do is add 1 or 2 sheets to your normal wash and you are good to go. –

    Where can you purchase them?
    They are currently sold at Pick and Pay and Dischem stores. They retail for R34.00 for 12 sheets.

  43. Eridene Coltman

    I hate doing laundry – always! So when the opportunity came for me to minimize the number of loads I have to do, I grabbed it with both hands. Not only did I love not having to seperate colours, but I had the peace of mind knowing I wouldnt be stuck with colour-stained clothing. I must say that I was super nervous to begin with, but I am extremely happy with the end result.
    Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector for the win!

  44. Lesedi Malete

    So for the past few weeks I’ve been using the @drbeckmannuk Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets and at first I was a bit skeptical but to my surprise they really do work ! 😳

    I find that they are really convenient for clothes that are multicolored, you know those colours you’re not quiet sure which colour pile to sort them into. The Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets eliminates that problem completely because you can just throw all those colours together and no colours will transfer. 💁🏽‍♀️🌈 They’re super easy to use, super convenient and at the same time they allow you to save time, water 💧 & electricity ☀️. You can find them at any retail outlet. A pack of 12 goes for around R34

  45. Utricia

    The products exceeded my expectations, I used to avoid doing laundry because of the time it takes to do but I know I just mix everything in one load then m done

  46. Yanelisa

    The product was great, I never in my life thought I would be able to mix colour clothes, it saved so much of my time, whilst throughly cleaning my clothes & maintaining their quality. It’s now my go to laundry product! Thank you brand advisor xx

  47. Sibongile diosa Ntshingila

    As a young mom juggling between mothering,studying and having a social life its almost impossible for me to find time to do laundry. I now do my laundry in a single load instead of multiples loads with separate colours. I nolonger spend all day doing laundry that saves me water,electricity,detergent and most importantly time to do my assignments or bond with my son.I recommend it everywhere I ago, i shared with a couple of friends who have now started buying it 😁.I am hooked,I will never stop using it.

  48. Thembekile

    The dirt collector sheets keeps clothes brighter as if they’re new. You can mix your colors but do avoid mixing runny clothes like jeans n new darker colors.

  49. Kay

    I really love this product for the obvious reason that it literally halved the time i spend on Laundry day and my clothes still maintain their quality, only thing i wish could be changed is the packaging because once the box breaks the sheets are exposed.

  50. Lulama Mcobothi

    This product exceeded my expectations. I had doubts at first but wow!

  51. Augustine Thobejane

    I was totally impressed with the product, I wasn’t sure at first if it was really gonna work and I was so scared that it might mess up colours. But it really made my life a lot easier,because I am a mother to a 4 year old boy who goes to daycare and sometimes he comes back with his clothes stained. But this product was able to remove the stains and still keep the colours as bright as ever. I have recommended it to my friends and family more especially my sister because she has a new born baby which means she needs to save money,time and electricity. This is totally the best product I have used.

  52. Klara

    The product is effective and saves alot of time and water.


    Super amazing product. Both myself and hubby loves the product. Super easy to use. Already stocked up 😁

  54. Tricia

    It’s time saving and works like magic on clothes.

  55. Mariska van Rensburg

    In short : Impressed.
    I didn’t even know that this product existed before, now I will be a loyal customer.
    Why? Because it works.
    It DID save me time and electricity. Best of all – no more soul crushing sorting dirty laundry in piles and washing more loads than I need to.

  56. Fanele

    It really works effectively on smaller loads , the sheets really absorb the color , when I had a slightly bigger load I should’ve added a third sheet

  57. Helene

    Let me speak for all the fashionistas out there – these sheets are a game changer! I love bright clothes with quirky prints (no neutrals for me thank you very much) but I did not enjoy the countless hours sorting my fabulous outfits on laundry day. Now I can mix all my fabulous outfits and bright colours without worrying – just add 1 sheet and it really works! Yay!

  58. olga dikolo

    loved every moment of using this product. Being a busy person and having a hectic schedule during the week these sheets came to rescue and changed my life!

    Saved my water and electricity,saved my time, my strength, my washing powder.

    These sheets have no became regular in my grocery list I love them.

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