Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel Range

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Deep Relief is a powerful topical anti-inflammatory and analgesic intended for the symptomatic relief of acute painful musculo-skeletal conditions caused by trauma such as: arthritis, muscular aches, pains and swellings, back ache, joint pain, sprains, strains and sports injuries.

Deep Relief gel formulation is non-greasy and contains Ibuprofen and Menthol. Deep Relief works at both levels of the pain mechanism; on inflammation and in interrupting pain signals. Deep Relief is the only Ibuprofen Gel available on the South African market. Only Deep Relief combines the powerful pain-relieving action of Ibuprofen with the immediate cooling sensation of menthol. The Deep Relief formulation has penetration enhancers which speed up the absorption of Ibuprofen through the skin directly to the point of pain in the muscles and joints. Deep Relief is a topical Ibuprofen gel which is an effective alternative to oral Ibuprofen. Deep Relief provides fast, long lasting, targeted pain relief. Available in 30g & 50g at the front shop & 100g over the counter, Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel has a three-year shelf-life.


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26 reviews for Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel Range

  1. Nayizolo Simelane

    I bought this product here and it works wonders since about a healthy lifestyle,it makes my exercising very easy and painless #fastpainreliefsa #deepreliefgel

  2. Tshepi

    I loved using this product! The smell and how it really gives long lasting pain relief. The different sizes as well are perfect!

  3. Kabelo phefo

    Amazing product that does exactly what is offers. I started applying the gel after experiencing some pain and since then my pain has faded away. It has made my workouts enjoyable.

  4. Sam

    All I can say is that this product is magic 👌🏾

  5. Gail Nkadimeng

    It is a great product and helps one stay on the ball. Fast acting and absolutely amazing when it comes to pain.

  6. Thulisile Nkonyane

    Currently the best product for me to relief my deep muscular pain

  7. Azukile Nzuzo

    I absolutely loved how quick it acts for relieve pain, the gel is absorbed quickly . The menthol smell is not strong, you don’t walk around with the strong smell.

  8. Tarryn

    Words cannot express how well this product works. From my first application to my neck and shoulders, I experienced relief. Previous products have left me with temporary relief and once I stop using the ointment, the aches come back… However with the Deep Relief my pain stayed away.

    I have restocked already just incase I injure myself again 😁

    All in all I am impressed!

  9. Hayley

    Absolutely love this miracle gel. Works like magic on my muscles. I also love that the fact that the smell is not as pungent as other muscle gels 🙌

  10. Tanya

    I always apply this in the morning and I don’t get back and waist pains anymore . I can now stand for longer hours and do my clinical work 😊

  11. Sandiswa Ndobeni

    Been suffering from backache because I took a fall last year and I’ve been using a lot of ointments and gels but they never helped relieve the pain. But since I’ve been using the deep relief ibuprofen gel I’ve seen a massive difference, I can now exercise and last longer on my shifts coz back then I’d have to take breaks in between my shifts.
    What I like the most about this gel is its smell and the fact that it’s not greasy like most gels

  12. Dannii

    This product has really assisted with pain relief, I could feel the difference and how fast it works! Really impressed with the product!

  13. kreamy_khanyi

    This product works amazing! It works really fast and numbs pain caused by muscle aches. It has a strong menthol scent and feels really cold on skin. It is effective and a good alternative to oral ibuprofen! I really love it!

  14. Phillipine Ngobeni

    Not a fan of the gel consistency, clumps up when rubbed in, smells great.

    Haven’t felt the effects of the ibuprofen but the menthol feels nice.

  15. Nomfundo Zitha

    This product has helped so much with my back and leg pain! I would definitely recommend it.

  16. Monique

    It’s been about 2.5 weeks since using this incredible product.
    I’ve tested this product on my challenging areas, lower back and scapula right hand side.
    Benefits to report :
    – Instant cooling feeling on the area.
    -Great mint smell
    -None greezy when applying on your skin.
    -Works within seconds, fast acting pain relief.
    -Some days I don’t even use it as instructed 3 to 4 times a day, some days only twice, mornings and at night.
    My 30g gel have been traveling with me, on my 🚲 even with my new found hobby,🏃‍♀️ jogging 🤭 .
    Jogging is very high impact on your joints and muscles, I apply the Gel before I start jogging on my lower back and hamstring.
    I know that always flames as well as knees, and I must say it helps alot.
    No pain experienced during and after 🏃🏽‍♀️
    Even with cycling, my lower back will feel discomfort , and I would always use the deep heat patches, since trying the Gel the patches wasn’t needed.
    I’ve put the gel to test, not just on myself but on my sports massage clients as well. Upon completion of the the massages I will apply the Gel on the areas I have worked on more, just to help with the pain and swelling afterwards.
    My clients loved the product, more especially as it provides the instant pain relief.
    Overall I have totally enjoyed using this product, it became like brushing teeth, as the results are in your daily habits, not forgetting it after taking a shower.
    There are days I don’t experience pain at all but still apply the Gel as I’m so use to it.
    Hubby loves the products and reckons it is so much better than the patches we are use to. The difference between the patches and the gel are that the patches are more heated and gives a warm sensation to the skin where the Gel provided a cooling affect.
    In my professional capacity I do recommend this product as since testing this product I haven’t been using any pain medication.
    I still wish to test this product when my monthly period is due, to see if it will help with the tummy cramps.
    Thanks for an awesome product and giving me the opportunity to test it. I will definitely recommend this to my clients (already started doing this), family and friends.

  17. Pamla

    This product has become a must have in our house, what sold me is the smell, i did not expect it to smell as nice as it does like no heavy smell at all. I also love how effective it is, it relieves muscle pain really fast and a little goes a long way. I will buy this product again and will encourange everyone that experiences muscle pains to try it out.

  18. Nyavhalitsheni Ivy Rathogwa

    I had a great experience with this product. Being an active person I’m always experiencing different pains and hurting myself. The Gel does exactly what it promises even my dad can’t stop praising it and how fast and effective it is.

  19. Genevive Williams

    I am very happy with Deep Relief. It’s fast and effective. It’s smells delicious (you can’t eat it)😂 I love that menthol smell & that coolness when you apply the affected areas. It works immediately, reliefs the pain and lasts up too a few hours.
    I’ve used so many different gels and painkillers in the past & I promise none of them has been as effect as the Deep Relief IBROFEN Gel! It’s definitely a gamer changer!

  20. Zama Sincadut

    The Deep Relief ibrufen gel truly offers fast pain relief. I have been applying this product to my lower back and I must say, my back pains aren’t as severe as before.

  21. Melisa Makhuba

    I am thrilled to share my excitement with regards to using this Gel. In one word: AMAZING. It provides fast pain relief that lasts for hours. I recommend that you try it out. You’ll thank me 😉

  22. Jessica Dlamini

    This product is fast effective and targets the pain areas , the texture absorbs fast into the skin and is not sticky , I’m very happy with it.

  23. Vianka

    As an aspiring Pharmacist it is important for me to know what is currently on the market and if it actually works. The Deep Relief Ibuprofen and Menthol Gel was everything and more. It is definitely fast and long acting, affordable and in my opinion #pharmacystudentapproved! I have been using this product daily for chronic pain as a side effect of meds that I’m on and being an ulcer patient I stay away from oral pain medication. I have certainly fallen in love with this product!!!

  24. Mmopi Nkuna

    The product is good for fast relief after a workout or back pain. The pain is reduced over a period of time with usage. The cooling sensation is best for inflammation and relaxation for the back.

  25. Sibongile

    The gel worked but took a long time.It had to be applied generously on the site in order for it to work.The mixture of ibuprofen and menthol provided the cooling effect.I would use it together with an oral pain relief for my pain

  26. Nontobeko Lady-fair Nxumalo

    I was impressed with the results of theis products. Absorbs quickly into the skill and it has a cooling sensation. It smells amazing

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