Jetsetters and staycationers, here’s the ultimate on-the-go travel-size essential your skin you’ve been looking for… #TravelWithPONDSSA It’s that time of year again. You’re either getting ready to jet off on that dream holiday, packing up the car to hit the road, or simply gearing up for epic staycation at home… Either way, you’ll be wanting to keep your skin on top form. Now, you can do just that – say hello to the NEW POND’S Micellar Minis, the travel-friendly, convenient skincare essentials that refresh tired skin AND remove make-up on the go – no rinsing required! How convenient is that? Having POND’S Micellar Minis in your hand luggage or handbag means you won’t need to worry about finding downtime to fit your skincare routine in. Whether you need to freshen up on the plane, in the car, or at the airport, POND’S Micellar Minis are ready to go whenever you are – leaving your skin clean, fresh, and revitalised on the go. Find out more about how POND’S Micellar Minis work here: Click here to view  #TravelWithPONDSSA The #TravelWithPONDSSA Challenge We’ve recruited 100 jetsetters to document their travel moments and share how POND’S Micellar Minis have worked for them as their ultimate skincare travelbuddies. See what they have to say for yourself: Stay up to date with our team of jetsetters and join in on the conversation online by using #TravelWithPONDSSA Chat to you soon!
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This Post Has 204 Comments

  1. Rouxle

    I currently have a fixed brand I use but if this is a good product I am willing to make a switch. Looks convenient and I love the fact that it accommodates for travelling. Especially when I go visit family.

    1. Lebogang Phale

      It leaves your skin looking rosy and clear.

      1. Shameron Klink

        Haven’t tried any miscellar yet. I’m excited to try this out for sure

        1. Goitsimang Rabotapi

          It leaves your skin soft and narishet glowing and soft

        2. Lucia Maphanga

          You need to try it, itwill leave your skin smooth and clear 👍 you won’t regret buying it 😊

        3. Malwande Khobeni

          I’ve never really used ponds products but I’m willing to try this travel sized pack out.

        4. Zintle Dlamini

          You definitely should try it out …I promise you that you won’t regret it ❤️❤️😍🤗

          1. Evasca Michaels

            I haven’t tried it yet but I am willing to try it out

    2. Thabby Brosens

      Soooo eager to try it out. At times we get too tired to wash makeup off our faces, so this makeup remover would come in very handy


      1. Lucia Maphanga

        Yes 👍

      2. Lerato

        You are right hey, and this water comes in handy 👌, I want to try it out too and i know with Ponds you can’t go wrong best believe that!

    3. Xoliswa

      Haven’t tried the product just as yet… I can’t wait to try it out.

      1. Anelissa

        It is just tjhe best product ever. It leaves my skin even and smooth. Always must have!!!

  2. Ivec Nkosi

    Hope to try it soon sometime .

    1. Nkosinathi Vinqi

      Hope to give it a try!

      1. Trudy Monama

        I hope to get the opportunity give it a try.

        1. Mapaseka Tshuwa

          Pond’s is been one of favourite product, will surely like to try the new product.

          1. Lungelo Olunje Mazibuko

            This product has helped in not only getting ride of my spots but also travel convinient when needs be. My skin is flawless with and without makeup I’m able to walk out confidently. 😍

          2. Carmen Ross

            Hope to give it a try.

        2. Nonhlanhla

          Hope to try it out soon

          1. Robyn-Leigh Cloete

            This product really works well, especially for my sensitive skin. I literally cleaned my white sneakers with it once and it worked like a bomb.

          2. Prudence Sibisi

            As a traveller, I can’t wait to give it a try.

        3. Thobeka Ndaba

          Wish I could try this out

          1. Makhokolotso Mitchell

            Bought it, and I really like it, especially the fact that I don’t have to wash my face afterwards, so convenient.

        4. Gabriella Kohen

          Hope to try it out pretty soon..

      2. Thando Mabuza

        Hope to try it soon

      3. Portia Malinga

        Hope to try it plus I just came back from the bundus

    2. Betty Hlabathi

      Hi I think IL fall in love with the product as I’m on always on the road and into beauty industry can’t wait to try it

      1. Tatum Rabie

        I always use Pond’s and it never disappoints. I would definitely try it.

    3. Londiwe Gumede

      I hope I get to give it a try as well

    4. Lucia Maphanga

      You have to try it darling 👍 it’s really good it will leave you skin clean and smooth

      1. Thabisa

        I have not tried the product bt I’ll make sure I do.

  3. Faith Maimela

    I would love to use the makeup remover .sometimes you get so tired and washing out make up is a lot of work.

    1. Betty Hlabathi


    2. Candice Oppelt

      With this product you will never feel like there’s any time wasted, it’s super quick and easy to use, soft and gentle on the skin too. You will love it!

      1. Nqobile Nhlapho

        I ll try to use it and see how it wud make my skin feel

        1. PINDI RUBA

          HHi wound love to try this❤😊

          1. Lucia Maphanga

            Try it!!!! You won’t regret 👍

        2. Lucia Maphanga

          Try it!!!! It will leave your skin clear and smooth 👍

    3. Lucia Maphanga

      Try it darling it’s really good!!

  4. Neo Leoke

    I already love the micellar water and it’s keeps my face very good

    1. Naledi Dile

      Would love to try it

    2. Lucia Maphanga


  5. Lerato Mdluli

    Now this is what I have been waiting for since I always travel and you will never catch me without makeup. I cannot wait to try this micellar water 💃🏼Then I’ll post my review about it

  6. Noeleen Jacobs

    I have not tried this product, i only use Ponds products on my face.

    1. Taurai Claude Chidarikire M

      Their facial products are amazing

      1. Lucia Maphanga

        Yes they are 😊

  7. The Duchess

    Im actually looking for new products to use for my face. Ive never had to worry about my face but as I grow I realize the importance of taking care of my skin and using reliable products. Would love to try it.

  8. Yonela Qanda

    I’ve been using ponds flawless but I’ve never tried the micellar water. I’m hoping to try it soon.

  9. Andiswa

    Eager to try it out, i always have to get home to be able to refresh my face or makeup and i have very oily skin which just shines during the day and piling it up leaves my face cakey.

  10. Eustacia Dyson

    I am so exited to test out this product. I’ve been using ponds but never really tried this out.

    Follow me on Instagram @cott3n_candy

  11. Sandy Makakaba

    Would love to try this

  12. Sueyen Lanie

    I’ve Been looking at trying a Micellar water cleanser. And these seem so convenient because of the travel size as I travel a lot. Hopefully I get to try this and review it.

  13. Sandisiwe Mabhuda

    would really love to try it

    1. Vuyelwa Jali

      Soooo eager to try it out. At times we get too tired to wash makeup off our faces, so this makeup remover would come in very handy

  14. Katlego Mogudi

    I can’t wait to try this out especially since im always on the go person…. Especially the FLAWLESS RADIANCE

  15. Divana Singh

    This product looks really convenient. Especially when you’re coming home after a hectic day at work or a night out on the town. Can’t wait to try it!

  16. Lesedi Maluleke

    I’m looking forward to trying this product,I travel a lot and I hardly got out without makeup on ,so I’m actually excited.

    1. Ivy Nyakuromba

      I cant wait to try it out..especially when removing my make up

  17. Lesedi Maluleke

    I’m looking forward to trying this product,I travel a lot and I hardly got out without makeup on ,so I’m actually excited.
    Hope I get to try it.

  18. Abongile Ntloko

    I’ve always wanted a product that will remove makeup easily cos its always a hassle having to wash your face continuously to remove some products so with Ponds I’m definitely willing to give it a try .

    I mean who doesn’t want a product that will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean 💕

    My Instagram handle @sdudla_somdantso

  19. Phatsimo Sedumedi

    I have been meaning to try it out but haven’t yet, I can wait for my life to be simplified by Ponds travel size micellar water especially FLAWLESS RADIANCE.

    1. Betty Hlabathi

      Nice evening

  20. Nombuso

    Currently using the makeup remover..would love to try the rest🙂

  21. Stellah

    Looking forward to travel with pond’s travel size in my carry on bag, that’s refreshing

  22. Stellah

    Great idea to travel with pond’s travel size in my carry on bag. No more throwing away my products

  23. Mosele Lebenya

    I’m hoping to try it soon

  24. Thato Leopeng

    I love that it comes in a smaller bottle.Lots of traveling during December so its very convinient

  25. Janine

    I love the size as its so convenient as you can freshen up anywhere on the go

  26. Isabeau Wilson

    Been using the Ponds travel size micellar water to clean my face on all our hiking and adventure motorcycle trips. Awesome product, makes my face feel fresh and clean and easy and light to travel with. Great to use on the plane as well when flying somewhere.

  27. Elisabeth

    I need something to use on the go aa im always on the road can’t wait to test it

  28. Elisabeth

    I have always want something small easy to use and pack in my handbag because im always on the road cant wait to test it

  29. Ntombifuthi Majola

    I love the Ponds Micellar water,but the normal one is too big to travel with so im looking forward to the travel size.

  30. Mologadi Matlala

    I would love to try it out.

  31. Madelein Herbst

    Cant wait to try this product. my skin is very picky with what I use but I found that its quite happy with Ponds products.
    p.s added to my shopping list 🙂

  32. Vivien Pitcairn

    I have been using the Ponds face wash and Micellar water for a while now, love how my skin feels after using these products, they are gentle yet very effective on more mature skin.

  33. Sindiswa Nyezi

    I use makeup on a daily basis, and sometimes I travel alot, this is. Going to become so handy for me I can’t wait to try it out.

  34. Palesa

    I dont normally wear make up but when i use the Ponds water, it works wonders. I love it, i would recommend it to my sisters who use make up frequetly.

  35. Pat Cawood

    I have just got back from the UK and this would have been an awesome product to have had with me

  36. Lee-Ann de Castro

    I would love for this to be my first product to test especially since we’re going away for a while!

  37. Bernadette Ontong

    I would love to try this as an older person. The “water” aspect is intriguing.

  38. Natasjha

    Im loving it #got to have it

  39. Nosipho Mbambo

    I don’t wear makeup because I’m afraid it would ruin my face but I would like to try this product after I had some make up on

  40. Sandisiwe

    As a makeup artist I’m already in love with the micellar water but I have the big bottle which is very inconvenient when I travel. Would love to try out these minis.

  41. Thobile Nxumalo

    I cant wait ti give it a try, sounds like a good product to have.

  42. Willodine Wood

    I can’t wait to try it!!!!! 💃

  43. Madelein Vermeulen

    Would love to try this product.

  44. Nozuko Poni

    Ooh! This is what’s missing in my travel bag. I always struggle to get travel size goodies and this one is a NEED because I wear make-up at least 5 days a week and I’m always on the road

  45. Mantaopane

    I’m hoping to try it soon

  46. Gregg Webbstock

    I do believe that these products have value in the market Good research has been done

  47. Maradwa Khangwelo witness

    I’ll like to have this Brand on my Hand bag wherever I go

  48. June lewis

    I use pond’s products and would love to try the Micelllar Water

    1. nomimie

      OMG this is just for me…just bought it yesterday ..the cleansing was quick the freshness from it is priceless😍😍😍

  49. Nthabiseng Mokhele

    Already using the product , love how it leaves my skin smooth n removes make up.

  50. Nqobile Matukane

    It’s not everyday where I have energy to take a bath after a long day at work I could just cleans my face I’d like to try out this product

  51. Lelethu Dube

    I love how the Mecillellar water leaves my skin feeling fresh and radiant. I usually get pimples on my face around Summer, and it really helps me control the pimples.
    I love it 😊

  52. Anita Mpandle

    It’s not everyday where you have time to fix your face but by using Ponds micellar water , dark marks are gone within blink of an eye. I 100% guarantee it

  53. Precious

    I am travelling alot this December with my family and we want to look our absolute best and taking care of our skin is priority…
    I would really want to tackle this product and recommend it to My followers and family..
    I trust ponds so I’m sure this product is awesome

    1. Zanele Madlingozi

      With my occupation that requires extensive traveling this product will come in handy.
      I can’t wait to try it out.
      PS. Im a newbie.

  54. Innocentia Ngomane

    I have not Tried this Product But i would Really Love to try it

  55. Emily Mokgatlhe

    I love this product. Your skin feels rejuvenated after every use. Thumbs up

  56. Esethu Msutwana

    I wear makeup every day and this product would actually be very helpful. I can’t wait to try it.

  57. Angel Mtshali

    Im definitely going to try it out, I hear it’s good for the skin and work wonders. Definitely for me

    1. Makhokolotso Mitchell

      I’m on vacation right not, this is exactly what I need to remove make up easily after a long day of outdoor activities. Need this right now.

  58. Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi

    I would really love to try the age miracle since am almost 40.The only product i use is the pimple clear.

  59. Cynthia Francis

    I would love to try out this product especially while traveling as makeup cleansing sometimes gets overlooked because it entails unpacking etc. Convenient to just take from your handbag a d its done!

  60. Rangila Harrianath

    Would love to try it


    since i wear makeup everyday i am more than excited to try it.

  62. Kurt Ramathula

    I would love the opportunity to try it out

  63. Palesa Mohale

    I hope to try this product soon as am always looking out for products that will work for my skin

  64. Takalani Phaswana

    Hope to try it soon sometime


    Currently using a different product but would love to try this product, the Sze is also convenient to take anywhere.

  66. Noluthando Gobizembe

    I Am hoping to try it soon

  67. Palesa

    Currently I am using Ponds skin brightening serum mask and it boosts skin glow from within. Would love to try the Michelle water as well🙏

  68. Sonia Lourenco

    I am definitely going to get these products this week. Think it will work wonderfully for myself and my daughter #TravelWithPONDSSA

  69. Gugu Pearl Mathebula

    I can’t wait to try it, travel smart

  70. Lindiwe Shongwe

    Can’t wait to try it!

  71. Janeen Jordaan

    Needing to change brands would love to try

    1. Rezano Jacobs

      Have tried so many products and it was disappointing but this product really left me with no regrets.

  72. Asanda Ndoda

    I don’t think I need any more convincing, I’m definetly going to try this product!


  73. Thembisile Zwane

    I can’t wait to try it on my beautiful skin

  74. Tebello Mokoena

    I am actually using this because I am always on the road and honestly I cannot imagine my life without it!!! I use it even if I don’t have to remove make up , it just keeps my face so fresh and soft , it’s bit harsh at all ! I love it 🥰 #TravelWithPondsSA

  75. Hazel Naidu

    How do I start with this brand advisor. It is really interesting I signed up now I want to start

  76. Hazel Naidu

    I need this now my skin needs it soon cnt wait

  77. Perseverance Magabe

    I have been using ponds since i was 16, would be nice to use their new product.

  78. Rosemary Kgasago

    I’ve had the worst acne for the longest time and I’ve been using prescribed products for my face. I’m now looking for a stable product for my face. Would love to try this out.

  79. Kulasande Dlamini

    Will definitely be trying it out..

  80. Success

    POND’S has been nothing but good to my skin … I would definitely love to try out this product

  81. Judith Meyers

    I cant wait to try out this product,this might just be what my skin needs.

  82. Chandré September

    Would love this. Always on the go and too busy to cleanse

  83. nomimie

    OMG this is just for me…just bought it yesterday ..the cleansing was quick the freshness from it is priceless😍😍😍

  84. Natasha Kekane

    I’d love the opportunity to try this product. I’m always on go. The idea of just reaching into my bag and cleanse my skin while I’m on the road sounds like dream come true.

  85. Siphesihle Ngubane

    I would love to try this product especially now summer. I know for sure if my skin responds to it right in this heat- its a good on.

  86. Mpumi Mbilase

    Would love to try it, I’ve always been a ponds fan

  87. Phindile Gumede

    Would love to try this

  88. Tarryn

    Deffs need to try this as we go away every second weekend to our beach house and it’s such a mission packing in a whole bag of make removers and skin products

  89. Amanda Kampie

    Too busy to cleanse…This would be put to good use. Skincare routine covered in an instant.

  90. Siphosihle Ngqawana

    I would definitely like to try using this to both remove make up and keep my face fresh and clean

  91. Petra Kruger

    Would really like to try this.

  92. Wendy Ngamlana

    Ponds is one of the good product with regards to skin . I hope to try out this product soon 🙂

  93. Unathi Yeye

    Would love to give this a try I use another brand currently

  94. Bonisiwe Nzimonde

    I would love to try this product

  95. Nathalie Jansen

    I would love to try this product and a review of it.

  96. Cheryl Jordaan

    I been using one brand for my skin my whole life and would like to try Ponds travel size Micellar water.

  97. Melissa Michelle Moses

    #TravelWithPONDSSA would love to try this new product from PONDS

  98. Casseney Olkers

    I can’t wait to try this one out !! If it comes to skincare and radiance, I’m all in for it!

  99. Marion Randles

    I would really like to be part of this project. I have been using this product for a while now and i love it

  100. Ritsa

    I would love to try this new travel size product!!

  101. Lisa Pretorius

    May i please try this product? I have a really problematic skin. Love to revise.

  102. Savanah Wheeler

    I would love to try the travel size! I would be able to fit more into my hand luggage😂

  103. Savanah Wheeler

    Come to think of it I’ve never tried Ponds before, could be interesting

  104. Fezile Biyela

    I hope to try this sooner

  105. Bonolo Ntseare

    Cant wait. Excited about the packaging and the discreet size love it

  106. Innocentia Nxumalo

    I would love switch to ponds

  107. Vivienne Nagoor

    cant wait to try this new amazing Ponds product

  108. Lerato Joy Matyolo

    I would definitely love to try this for my skin.. ❤️

  109. Ayandiswa Myeni

    Can’t wait to use this Ponds product❤❤

  110. Nokukhanya Gumede

    I would love to try it wow

  111. Monique Visagie

    I would love to try it have been trying everything for my dry and oily skin

  112. Boifang Mabuza

    I would like to try it wow, I use everything of Ponds.

  113. Zaahidah Lagardien

    Ponds products are so sensitive on the skin and smell clean. Would certainly love to try these products out

  114. Carlien Pillay

    This is something i defnitley want to try.I travel and see customers whole day.
    And in this heat your skin is vulnerable.
    And being a mom of 5 i would love to test the diffrent prodcts with my kids/daughters when we travel on weekends/2x teenagers

  115. Sameerah Khan

    Cant wait to really try these products out!

  116. Chanre Engelbrecht

    I would love to give this product a try. Personally I love Pond’s – especially the perfect colour complex range.

  117. Zandile Zenani

    Need to try this product out

  118. Makhokolotso Mitchell

    After so many positive reviews of the micellar water, I bought it and I’m happy with it…I’d recommend it.

  119. Roland Moyo

    Would love to try it,l do work in a sunny field at times,haven’t tried facial things in a while so this would be a go for me

    1. Ashley Maloka

      I’ve used the Ponds range since high school and I must say, this product is amazing. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and also smells amazing! Would definitely recommend 😊

  120. Fortunate Khumalo

    I hope to be chosen to try it out and I’m sure that I would love it as I started using Ponds way back in the days of highschool and no regrets.

  121. Luyanda Nene

    This is time saving, affordable and easy to use.. It’s a a great product to use anywhere and anytime.. Why not try it?

  122. busisiwe24

    will be trying it soon.

  123. Nthabiseng Ragetsi

    Leaves your skin feeling young and fresh everyday!

  124. Unathi Mzilikazi

    I would love to try it out, I mean Ponds has always been great to use even my mum still use it and never had a problem with her skin.

  125. Craig Stephens

    cant wait to try this product would make my life so much easier omg finally im so excited

  126. palesa thipe

    Been using ponds since my teenage stage. It has always been a great product for me personally. Haven’t really tried the new micellar water. Can’t wait to try it out and show off my results.

  127. Sethabile Ngubane

    I would like to try this out

  128. Runako Shongwe

    I want to try the micellar water pimple clear,I had pimples from my pregnancy. Spots don’t want to clear up nicely.

  129. Tandokazi Ngqobe

    I would like to try out the Micellar, I’ve had tired/ dead skin for about a year now, I’ve tried everything but the spots just won’t Go away.

  130. Mamiki Tyler

    It’s never too late to try on something new, I can’t wait to try new Ponds Travel size micellar water, everybody speak highly about it 😊… Let’s the travel be easy

  131. Shameron Klink

    Haven’t tried any miscellar yet. I’m excited to try this out for sure

  132. Veronica Vukeya

    I would like to try this out

  133. Tsholofelo Mooketsi

    I would love to try it out

  134. Lebohang Mahlo

    I am defiantly getting myself one before my trip to the coast tomorrow, so excited to try this make-up remover on night after a hectic night out with the ladies

  135. Thando Mbonani

    (mini’s) are so convenient. I’d love to try the Ponds Travel Size Micellar Water. Imagine after an event in an Uber on my home, I don’t have to get home to remove my make-up. Whoop!

  136. Mollin Sithole

    Looking forward to trying this product

  137. Felicia Ndlovu

    Will really love to try it out been really trying to get something like this for my sensitive skin

  138. Paul Riba

    Having utilized their products before, I’ve been fairly happy with the results so having something travel size for those inpromptu vacations adds a bit of convenience as well to it.

  139. Nangamso Marareni

    Just can’t wait to try it!

  140. Nangamso Marareni

    I want to travel light, but still look the part!

  141. Nangamso Marareni

    I want to travel light, but still look the part and confirm that age is just a number!

  142. Mamello Prudence Mosoetsa

    Definitely getting myself one and I cannot wait to try it and show off my results🌸

  143. Dunyiswa Sityata

    Been a ponds fan for years will love to try the mini Micellar it’s great for that freshness anywhere you are, no need to get home first absolutely love it

  144. Sanelisiwe Duze

    Would love to give this a try. I often nust wash my make up off without using any make up removi g products

  145. Khulekani Ndlovu

    It looks very tiny, can fit it into my sling bag and have it anywhere I go. I would love to try this out and do a review on the blog

  146. Mbali Wela

    The best to happen since sliced bread. I love how it can just fit in my handbag. Best!

  147. Safaa Abader

    I’ve never actually tried ponds, but I’m willing to ,it looks extremely handy for on the go!

  148. Patria Caneles

    My spouse and i were very fortunate Louis managed to do his reports with the ideas he had out of your web pages. It is now and again perplexing to simply happen to be giving away concepts which usually other people could have been selling. And now we recognize we’ve got you to be grateful to for that. These explanations you made, the straightforward web site menu, the friendships you will aid to foster – it’s all amazing, and it’s letting our son and our family imagine that that concept is amusing, which is certainly exceedingly indispensable. Thank you for the whole thing!

  149. Caleb Tiberi

    I simply couldn’t go away your website prior to suggesting that I actually loved the standard information a person supply to your guests? Is going to be back frequently in order to check out new posts

  150. Season Sjostrom

    Hiya, I am really glad I have found this info. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossip and net stuff and this is really annoying. A good site with interesting content, that’s what I need. Thank you for making this website, and I’ll be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  151. Really appreciate you sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

  152. Adria Liuzzi

    Hello there, I found your web site by way of Google even as searching for a similar topic, your site got here up, it looks great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  153. As a Newbie, I am permanently exploring online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

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