That Time of the Month: The Smooth Facts

That Time of the Month: The Smooth Facts

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A mother’s work is never done. There’s no time to read up on the facts of life when rushing from meetings to rugby games and ballet lessons. We’re keeping you informed by busting the biggest menstruation myths in the business:

FICTION: It’s dangerous to work out when you have your period.
FACT: All forms of exercise are beneficial during menstruation.

If your tampon is inserted correctly, you are safe and secure no matter what activity you engage in, and studies show that women who exercise during their periods cramp less and aren’t as moody.

FICTION: To shorten or stop a period before it starts, exercise or have sex.
FACT: The only thing that could affect the onset or duration of menstruation is hormones.

Sorry to break it to you, but the birth control pill or another course of prescribed hormones is the only thing that will help control of the timing of your cycle. Exercise and sex may affect the flow though.

FICTION: Menstrual blood is dirty.
FACT: There’s nothing unhygienic about menstrual blood.

Your period is comprised of blood and tissue that you ended up not using to feed a baby – that’s all. Menstruation happens because the uterus needs to start over; not to expel ‘bad blood’ or impurities.

4. AGE
FICTION: Young girls and women who’ve never had sex shouldn’t use tampons.
FACT: Tampons are safe and comfortable for women of all ages.

The vaginal opening is only partially covered by the hymen – virginity’s physical component – so there’s still enough room to insert a tampon. As for tampons taking her virginity – only sex can do that.

FICTION: Talking to your daughter about periods before hers starts will scare her.
FACT: The earlier she is prepared, the better.

Your daughter’s first period can be scary and confusing. The more informed she is, the more secure she will feel. Read on for pointers on how to handle this oh-so-important conversation.

BB Beauties, which myth did we bust for you? Share your answers below.

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