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Are you someone that LOVES their double thick, double indulgent, cream yoghurt? Do you lead a busy life often doing two or more things at a time? Do you sometimes forget to take time out for yourself whether it’s to eat a nutritious snack or give yourself a little ‘me’ time? Then you’re invited to opt-in, and trial Parmalat’s Three NEW Double Cream Yoghurts inspired by SA’s fave dessert flavours #DoubleUpWithDoubleCream

About Parmalat

Parmalat Double Cream yoghurt promises to be a delicious treat AND a nutritious snack all at once so you can continue to thrive as your best selves.

It’s also : 

✅Available in 3 NEW, indulgent, SA-inspired dessert flavours, double chocolate chip, chocolate mint and milk tart

✅Had a new purple packaging glow up and features a new premium look

✅Double Cream which means its both nutritious and delicious, all in one

✅Great for breakfast and snacks in-between meals, or desserts, for indulgent chocolatey desires etc.

About the #DoubleUpWithDoubleCream

We’re looking for double cream yoghurt and dessert lovers, that want a delicious and nutritious snack to help them power through their day, to put the Three NEW flavours to the test and show followers how they #DoubleUpWithDoubleCream and get ‘delicious’ AND ‘nutritious’ all in one. 

You want in? OPT-IN HERE.