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Parmalat Vanilla custard promises to be the perfect partner for your dessert! Follow the conversation to find out if it truly is!

Introducing Parmalat’s Vanilla Custard #UnplannedCustardCraving

Do you LOVE custard? Is it a must-have pantry essential for when that custard craving strikes? Is it your first choice because it’s versatile and convenient when you want to whip up something quick and delicious with no need to plan ahead? Then this is the project you HAVE TO follow! 

About Parmalat

Parmalat claims their Vanilla Custard is thick, creamy and delicious, whether it’s hot or cold, and promises to be the perfect partner for your dessert. 

It’s also:

✅ Ready made & available with a twist of a cap.

✅ Easy to pour and easy to store thanks to the twist cap carton on the 1kg pack

✅ Available in 500g and 1kg cartons, perfect for small & large families/occasions 

✅ Available in a Lactose-Free option –  Parmalat Custard EasyGest 

✅ So affordable

Meet the Custard Connoisseurs/Lovers 

We recruited a trial team of custard connoisseurs and custard loving families that understand that once that Custard Craving strikes, it’s hard to resist. They’ll be putting Parmalat’s Vanilla Custard to the test to see if it’s that must-have pantry item for when the #UnplannedCustardCraving hits and if it delivers on the Parmalat promise of being thick, creamy and delicious? Does it leave them saying it’s #SoThickAndCreamy they want to #PourMeAlot?

Follow the conversation #UnplannedCustardCraving to find out!


Parmalat Vanilla Custard

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