Olay’s Big Three

Olay’s Big Three

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Forget The Big Five, now it’s all about The Big Three

We all know that in order to move forward you’ve got to evolve. Quintessential skincare brand Olay got the memo and have upgraded their successful and award-winning skincare brand to include more ground-breaking ingredients.

The Olay Regenerist range has been upgraded to be even better, thanks to Skin Energising Technology and the inclusion of three new anti-ageing ingredients; Olivem, Niacinamide and Pal-KTTKS. Confusing names, we know, but what they do is pretty straightforward. Pioneered from Celluar Bioenergetics research they are proven to help fight the look of skin fatigue and boost skin’s responsiveness to anti-ageing ingredients, leaving you with visibly firmer, younger looking skin that’s full of energy.

Read on below to find out more about them:


The star of the show, Olivem is a derivative from Olive Oil and has been modified to help increase the penetration of anti-ageing ingredients into the skin. Each ingredient tunnels right down to the deepest layers of the skin, ensuring you win the battle against fine lines and wrinkles. Clinical studies have shown that Olivem has been proven to decrease the signs of ageing.


Or Vitamin B3 as it’s also known is essential not only for a healthy body but also for healthy skin. According to clinical studies moisturisers that contain Niacinamide have assisted in the maintenance of the skin’s moisture barrier. As we age the skins ability to naturally shed dead skin cells slows down. Niacinamide assists in this process, ensuring skin stays soft.


Pal-KTTKS is a fragment of a collagen molecule that is linked to a lipid molecule. These help to enhance the penetration of ingredients into the skin. This in turn means lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Do the ingredients in your skincare products matter to you? Share your thoughts below!


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