Looking for a unisex solution for silky, hair-free smoothness for your sensitive skin? 🐬

Could it finally be over – the nicks, cuts, burns, ingrown, or stubborn hair that leaves your sensitive skin anything but ready to be shown off? We think we may have found the answer to your silky smooth prayers… it’s the NEW No Hair Sensitive hair removal lotion! #BareItToWearIt

 What is it?

Our previous unisex trial team LOVED No Hair hair removal lotion and now it comes in a brand-new unisex variant for anybody and everybody with sensitive skin. No Hair Sensitive hair removal lotion is uniquely formulated with hemp seed oil and shea butter and claims to leave you feeling smooth and irritation-free, so all you have to worry about is choosing the outfit and getting your best life. Whether you’re after smooth pecs for the gym, a manicured speedo/bikini line, or that cute pair of tiny shorts, No Hair Sensitive hair removal lotion promises to deliver smoothness that lasts – without the sensitive-skin struggles.

Is it really all that?

Find out from our trial team of Bare Darers – real people with sensitive skin and their friends who want to #BareItToWearIt. They’re putting No Hair Sensitive hair removal lotion to the test to see if it really works to deliver silky smoothness that is kind to their sensitive skin… 

Follow #BareItToWearIt to see our Bare Darers bare it all as they share their silky smooth glow up – before, between, and after. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this. It’s going to be EPIC.  Plus, the No Hair #BareItToWearIt E-vent Challenge is going to be entertaining! Join to see our Bare Darers defuzz and finally rock the ‘fits they’ve been shelving. CLICK HERE

See you there!

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