Find out #WhoWearsItBestSA with No Hair and WIN! Feel like everyone is looking at you when you realise you’ve got some unwanted hair? No Hair has the solution for you. Their simple, effective hair removal lotion works every time without pain, shame, or razor blades. This trusted brand is for anyone, guys or girls, who wants to live their best, clean, body hair-free life. Does it really work? Yes! We’ve put No Hair to the test and it doesn’t disappoint. This effective hair removal solution works in 3 minutes, making it quick and easy to get perfectly smooth skin. Pro-Tip: No Hair incorporates baby oil so you don’t have to worry about applying moisturiser afterwards to achieve a clean, conditioned look. #WhoWearsItBestSA We have challenged teams to come up with quirky, out of the box ways to show us how No Hair works for them by showing us who wears their smooth, hairless skin best. Take a look at how they are taking up the challenge and what they think of No Hair: here. We’re also selecting TWO lucky pairs to win HUGE cash prizes- so don’t hold back! Join the conversation on social media with #WhoWearsItBestSA. Xoxo Beauty Bulletin and Brand Advisor
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