Nature’s Bounty: Apple Cider Vinegar

Nature’s Bounty: Apple Cider Vinegar

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6b08ace7ea7645168e3fd7347d3af04fI love using stuff from my kitchen as part of my beauty arsenal and one of the products I love the most is organic apple cider vinegar.

It is just so versatile and has so many uses around the home, but because it balances PH levels, it is especially useful in treating skin conditions. Apple cider vinegar also contains alpha hydroxy acids, so it is great for getting rid of yucky dead cells to reveal your glowing skin beneath.

Apple cider vinegar is a really quick and easy way to tone your skin and tighten your pores. Use a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water and then dip your cotton wool pad into the mixture. Swipe the pad around your oily t-zone. Moisturise as usual.

To lighten age spots and dark marks use two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and combine this with one tablespoon of orange juice. Apply this mixture to those marks several times a day, but be careful to only apply it to the marks, as it could irritate sensitive skin. 

After roasting too long in the sun, there is no better solution to take the sting out of your sunburn then to soak in a bath to which you have added a cup of apple cider vinegar. 

Product build up on your hair? Does your hair need a bit of added shine? Apple cider vinegar is the solution for you. Make a simple rinse out of one cup of water and two tablespoons apple cider vinegar. After you have washed your hair, rinse with the mixture, then rinse again thoroughly. Condition as normal. 

Another great use for apple cider vinegar (Although I have to confess this is the one thing I haven’t tried this myself) is to use it as a natural deodorant. Dab your underarm area with a cotton wool pad dipped in apple cider vinegar. 

imagesCAFE1PSWThese are just some of the great uses for apple cider vinegar. Have you ladies tried using it in your beauty routine and if you have, what do you think of it and in what other ways do you use it?

As we become more aware of the harmful chemicals that are being used in beauty products, isn’t it great to know that we can go back to nature?

I would love to hear from you all! 


Written by Maryanne Young.

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