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Moment with Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

June 01, 2021

I am going to share with you all i know about the product and my own personal experiences. Mind you i use this product every day after my shower, especially now in winter. Winter days i suffer from dry skin and the Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel has helped my skin lock in moisture, leaving it smooth and protected against the cold, not forgetting how it leaves my skin silky in texture. At first i thought no, this thing is too sticky and thick but a few days later of using i good addicted. Well then again we know for late night showers we do not put gels and jump straight into bed because it will obviously make a mark so i get to put it on hours before bed time so my skin soaks it in. Telling for extra cool information, it does not stain or dirty clothes. FINALLY SKIN CARE THAT UNDERSTANDS DRY SKIN. 100% Effective and 100% Active. It works harder and a little goes further. Bio-Oil has come up with a Gel for Dry Skin. We all know that creams and lotions are made up mostly from water, usually around 70%, which is of no benefit to the skin since water evaporates. Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel uses pioneering technology to replace the n-active water found in creams and lotions with skin nourishing oils. The Gel is dermatological tested. It is pinkish in color yet clear and thick in texture. Trust me it feels really good on the skin. Although as people we have different skin textures it might not work for everyone as i have normal skin. For some people they would even feel like it smells bad. I love it. Benefits Remember the Bio-Oil Dr Skin Gel is: 100% Active – meaning the power of the oil-based gel is that it contains only what works for the skin and nothing that doesn’t. It replaces in-active water found in creams and lotions with skin nourishing oils and active ingredients. 100% Effective – It provides immediate relief and intense long lasting moisturisation. Works harder, goes faster – The potent oil-based get formula where by with a little, it goes a long way (less is more in this case). How much is the product? The Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel comes in different sizes and we have: 50ml for R59.99 100ml for R109.99 200ml for R184.99 (R – South African Rands) Where to buy the product? Once again the product is also found in stores below: Clicks The Independent Pharmacy Pick n Pay Dischem Checkers Shoprite Above all, i am glad to have collaborated with Bio-Oil and Beauty Bulletin on this product. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT So now you can also get to know about the product on the below: Website: Facebook: @BioOilza Instagram: @BioOil_za

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