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JOIN US TODAY for an exclusive Live Chat with renowned female Plastic Surgeon, Dr.Nerina Wilkinson!

Thursday 25th October

Time: 6pm-7.30pm
Venue: HERE! On the BB Site through the luxury of your own home on your computer.


Have you always wanted to know the SECRETS to celebrity skin?


You have 2 hours EXCLUSIVELY to ask the most daring questions that you have always wanted to know about cosmetic surgery.

As one of South Africa’s very few female Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Wilkinson has the inside scoop on Regenerative Medicine and how we can use what our own bodies give us to rejuvenate and anti-age the skin and body.
This includes The Vampire Lift, O-shot, Hair Revival and Stem Cell Facelift.

Nerina’s vision is to empower women to feel more BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT on their aesthetic journey.

She began her medical training at the University of Stellenbosch where she obtained her degree. In her illustrious 20-year career, Dr. Wilkinson has completed several training programmes and honoured with memberships in various councils and associations. She continues to lecture widely on plastic surgery and has authored numerous articles on the topic.

“I aspire to provide high-quality care to all of my patients, by paying careful attention to their individual needs. As one of South Africa’s few female plastic surgeons, it’s imperative for me to be empathetic and compassionate in each and every consultation.
I always say that I strive for natural looking results, whilst enhancing a person’s appearance that can ultimately transform their whole outlook on life. Being part of this metamorphosis is the most important and pleasurable part of my work.”

Get your questions ready, do your research beforehand and be available as YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!
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Chat soon BB Beauties!

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