#LittleActsOfHeart Project Wrap Up

We brought together a group of selfless, kind South Africans to introduce and drive the #LittleActsOfHeart Movement created by Jungle. They spread kindness and love around like confetti, sharing it with the world to show that any act, no matter the size, can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

The Trial Team

These REALfluencers are good-giving Samaritans who always aim to put a smile on someone else’s face. They understand that acts of love, kindness, and generosity should always be performed simply because it is a kind thing to do. For them,  the size of the deed doesn’t matter as long as it’s an act of heart.

Week One’s Story

REALfluencers introduced and educated followers on the #LittleActsOfHeart Movement, telling them to stay tuned to see how they spread love and kindness and encouraging followers to join them in sharing the love.

Heartwarming reels, feed post videos, and stills showed REALfluencers sharing the purpose of the Movement, why they joined, and how they plan on spreading kindness over the next few weeks. They also shared how followers could get involved too: from physical, in-contact acts of kindness to cyber acts, REALfluencers showed just how easy it Is to spread love and kindness in an effort to help make the country a more loving place.

Week Two & Three’s Story

Buying a petrol attendant a drink, cooking breakfast for a family member/friend, giving a loved one a manicure, donating/volunteering at a local NGO, and so much more – REALfluencers showed us it all and more. They demonstrated how easy it is to be kind and show love to others without the expectation of gaining anything in return.

Followers flooded the comments, sharing how they have spread love and kindness after being inspired by REALfluencers to share their own #LittleActsOfHeart.

Week Four’s Story

REALfluencers had the opportunity to gift Jungle hampers to strangers or loved ones in need. Heartwarming reels and beautiful feed posts showed REALfluencers sharing the love by gifting neighbours, NGOs, and loved ones Jungle hampers. Some even made breakfast spreads for friends to enjoy.

The smiles and reactions in these posts spoke for the entire movement in itself and helped continue spreading the most important #LittleActsOfHeart message – no act of kindness is too small, all acts of kindness matter.

About #LittleActsOfHeart

REALfluencers were more than grateful to Jungle for starting the #LittleActsOfHeart movement and for helping spread love and kindness all over South Africa. REALfluencers vouched to continue spreading love and kindness every day through #LittleActsOfHeart, with many followers sharing the same sentiments.

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