CALLING ALL GIVERS, CARERS, AND SHARERS! OPT-IN for a chance to fill SA with love through Little Acts of Heart ❤️

Do you want to make SA a better place simply because you can? Do you want to inspire your followers to #DoLifeWithHeart by joining you in doing #LittleActsOfHeart that spread joy and love far and wide? This is the movement you HAVE TO be a part of! 

It’s not about showcasing a brand. It’s about starting a movement for good. A movement that turns the tide of negativity that has been getting SA down for the longest while. It’s a movement of little acts – easy things that anyone and everyone can do…  

We’re looking for:

❤️ authentically-kind people

❤️ sharers, carers, and givers

❤️ people who love to do little-but-significant acts that make the lives of others better – no personal expectations, no thanks expected 

❤️ people who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves for the greater good

If you’re someone that:

❤️ considers being of service to others an important part of your life

❤️ is passionate about paying it forward and inspiring others to do the same

❤️ wants to be a part of something heart-filled that is all about doing good with no perceived personal benefit

…WE WANT YOU to help start The Little Acts of Heart Movement! 

What is a Little Act of Heart?

A Little Act of Heart is something any of us can do: a little act of kindness, of consideration, of selflessness that brings a touch of joy and happiness into someone’s life. They’re everyday things that anyone can do:

❤️ learning greetings in other South African languages

❤️ giving up your seat on the bus to someone in need

❤️ giving a waiter a bigger tip than expected

❤️ helping a stranger carry something heavy

❤️ letting your sibling watch their Netflix show when you could watch your own

Little Acts of Heart are done with no expectation of anything in return and no act is too small.

About the Little Acts of Heart Movement

The news in SA has been awfully grim for a while and morale is low. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ordinary people across the country working to turn the tide and spread hope, optimism, and selfless service through Little Acts of Heart everyday… 

If you’re one of those people, we want you to help us start a viral movement! We want you to share your own Little Acts of Heart or those you see others doing on socials. The goal is to start a domino effect that inspires SA to make Little Acts of Heart a daily habit. The dream? Reach and record one million Little Acts of Heart and change SA for the better.

Think you can make it happen? CLICK HERE.