Where should you be posting? There are so many different social media platforms, if you’re an influencer or a brand how do you decide where best to post to get the most reach and expand your influence? While which platform is trending changes each year, here are the trending social media platforms for influencer marketing in 2019.   Instagram The concept of an influencer is most often attributed to the rise of instagram. The concept of “insta-famous” directly responds to being known on Instagram and having loads of followers. Instagram is still going strong as one of the best social media  platforms for influencers as the content is visual and vibrant and implementing a solid content strategy means your content can gain reach fairly easily. Brands look to instagram followers to see if you are speaking to a specific audience or have a significant following who speak to their customer base. While there are issues with the constantly changing algorithm which sometimes compromises your content, instagram is still considered the go-to for influencer marketing.   Facebook Facebook is like the old sage of the social media world, as it is the OG platform. From Facebook the idea of social media as the centre of information sharing became the norm and still has the largest user base of all the platforms. While it may feel that Facebook’s audience and sway is in decline, Facebook is still connected to so many people all around the world and since it owns Instagram actually connects your accounts either way. So while Facebook would not be the first place to go to promote content it can be useful to keep a page up to date with re-worked instagram content , most especially quality videos.   Youtube Youtube is one of the easiest ways for an influencer to get their content, especially longer form content out to your audience. While making videos for instagram works, on Instagram an audience attention span is much shorter than on Youtube. The video format also allows you to do longer, more interesting reviews than a word heavy format. Viewers on Youtube find it easier to be loyal to certain channels because of the subscription and alert buttons, meaning your audience will always know when you’re posting new content. The big flaw for Youtube as a possible primary platform compared to the others is that it usually requires significantly higher production value which means its more time consuming which might not be the best option if you’re not committing to producing videos full time.   Twitter Twitter is not often thought of as an influencer platform but a 2016 Twitter survey showed that 49% of users actively relied on influencers for product recommendations. Twitter is a word based platform and while putting up pictures and videos increased reach on your tweets, it is not the same kind of content that would work on instagram. But unlike Instagram, it requires less effort when putting content together. Short, concise posts especially if related to trending hashtags are picked up quickly because of the trending format that Twitter uses. As an influencer, deciding to use Twitter versus Instagram will depend on the kind of content that you enjoy making. Wittier comments do well on Twitter but   Mix and match  When it comes to reaching an audience, only sticking to one social media platform is not likely to be your best move. Since not everyone is on each platform, growing your niche audience on multiple platforms, while choosing one as your primary account where you devote most of your energies, is your best move. But also be careful not to over-stretch yourself! Quality over quantity always.
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