This one’s for you if you love easy snacking but want to make choices that are better for you and the land!

A brand-new Knorr trade exchange project is here! If you’re a busy parent, student, or young professional that is looking for instant snack options that are bursting with flavour and better for you and the planet, YOU’RE INVITED to opt-in and trial the brand-new Knorr Cup-a-Snack.

This is your opportunity to experience Knorr’s instant snack for good and be an eativist – someone who eats for a healthy body and a healthy planet. It’s your chance to improve your everyday snacking habits and help your followers do the same by sharing your Knorr Cup-a-Snack occasions and reviews! Apply now for the #SnackForGood Project, running from 30 Sep – 01 Nov 2021

About the project

Knorr Cup-a-Snack’s five flavour-bursting variants are boosted with noodles and made with veggies from the list of 50 Future Foods: a diverse collection of foods compiled by experts in food sustainability, agriculture, and nutrition. Future 50 foods are nutritious, have a lower impact on our planet than animal-based foods, can be affordable, accessible and taste good. 

The Future 50 Foods have an important goal: healthier people and a healthier planet. 

If you’re a busy parent, student or young professional who wants to make better choices and quit reaching for junk food, we want YOU to put trial Knorr Cup-a-Snack and share your #SnackForGood experience. This is your chance to discover snacks that are tasty, filling, and better for you and the planet so you can get through to your next meal and be your best, busy self all day long.

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