A brand-new Knorr trade-exchange project is here! OPT-IN HERE 

If you’re someone who loves making delicious, tasty meals but is strapped for time and energy, someone who’s always looking for meal solutions (stir in sauces, ready-made seasonings, fool-proof recipes, etc.) that will be ready in a flash and impress the family and guests, YOU’RE INVITED to opt-in and let the world know that Knorr’s Meal Solutions are back in stock! #BackToBetterMeals

About the Knorr #BackToBetterMeals Project 

Knorr’s wide range of convenient, quick, easy, and flavourful Meal Solutions are finally back on shelf! Think: dry cook-in sauces for spagbol, chicken à la king, and savoury mince; meal kits for lasagne and boloroni; cook-in-bags for sticky chicken wings and spicy roast chicken; plus, a million ways to make veggies taste AMAZE!

We want you to show followers how you use Knorr Meal Solutions to make weekly meal planning and prep super easy, and how you use Knorr to make every meal a special occasion. This is your chance to get #BackToBetterMeals that are convenient, quick, easy, and bursting with flavour. Plus, you can help your followers do the same by showing them how to use Knorr to eat for good!

This is a great opportunity for both of us. We give you a range of Knorr Meal Solution products, you shout about them and show followers how to use them to make better meals. Apply now for the Knorr #BackToBetterMeals Project running from 16 May to 13 June 2022.