A brand-new Brand Advisor trade-exchange project is here!

Calling all parents on the hunt for delicious breakfasts/snacks! If you’re a parent that struggles to get your kids/teens to eat anything that isn’t totally devoid of nutrients, or you’re always on the hunt for nutritious breakfast/snack options your kids will actually eat, YOU’RE INVITED to opt-in, trial the NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows, and give us the verdict: Are Fillows kid-approved? #FunWithFillows

About the #FunWithFillows Project OPT-IN CLOSED 

The NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows are crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside, just the right amount of sweet, available in three flavours, and, most importantly, made with the goodness of Jungle: 

✅ High in energy

✅ High in 7 vitamins

✅ Source of Vitamin B5 to fight tiredness and fatigue

✅ Source of Vitamins A, B12, and C for immune system support

…we know that makes them parent-approved, but now we need your kids/teens to put them to the test as both a breakfast and a snack option and give followers the final verdict: Are they kid-approved too?

This is a great opportunity for both of us. We give you the NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows for your kids to test, you introduce them to your followers, tell them why they’re parent-approved, show them how they work as breakfast and snack options in your kids/teens’ lives, and give them honest feedback; Are Jungle Crunchalots Fillows kid-approved? Apply now for the #FunWithFillows  running from 3 – 30 May 2022.  

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