Battling to find an easy, nutritious breakfast/snack option your kids will actually eat? We might have just found the solution… #FunWithFillows

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Are you on the hunt for a quick, easy, and convenient breakfast/snack option that isn’t totally devoid of nutrients? Something that won’t get left in lunch boxes or at the breakfast table? This is the project you HAVE TO follow! 

We think we may have just found what you’re looking for… Say hello to the NEW Jungle Crunchalots Fillows.

About Jungle Crunchalots Fillows

They’re Jungle’s latest cereal: Crunchy on the outside AND smooth on the inside, a breakfast AND a snack, bursting with flavour AND packed with nutrients:

✅ Three delicious flavours: Original, Strawberry, and Chocolate

✅ High in energy

✅ High in 7 vitamins

✅ Fights tiredness and fatigue  

✅ Provides immune system support 

Meet Team Fillows Funmakers

With benefits like that, we know Fillows are parent-approved but now we need to know: Are Fillows kid-approved too? To find out, we’ve recruited 100 parents who struggle to get their kids/teens to eat anything that isn’t totally devoid of nutrients to put Fillows to the test. Will Fillows get double thumbs up as their kids’ new favourite breakfast and snack option? Stay tuned to find out!

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Jungle Crunchalots Fillows
Original flavour

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Jungle Crunchalots Fillows
Chocolate flavour

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Jungle Crunchalots Fillows
Strawberry flavour

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