500ml JOHNSON’S ®  Top-to-toe Wash  -RSP R59.95

 500ml JOHNSON’S ®  Top-to-toe Massage Lotion- RSP R59.95

 100ml JOHNSON’S®  Top to-toe Extra Moisturizing Cream- RSP R 24.95

 200ml JOHNSON’S ®  Top-to-toe Massage Oil RSP -R39.95

Available at all major retailers and baby speciality stores nationwide.


We selected 30 BB Mommies to try, review and share their #JohnsonsForMoisture experience with the 2-step JOHNSON’S®  Baby Top-to-Toe range  to help strengthen and safeguard their baby’s skin barrier.

JOHNSON’S Top-to-toe

Johnsons top to toe range


JOHNSON’S®   Baby brand is widely recognized as the ideal skincare range for babies by most mommies and have now developed a JOHNSON’S Baby Top-to-Toe range. The range is specially formulated to suit newborn skin, maintains your baby’s moisture, mild and non-irritating. We engaged with real South African moms   who treat their baby’s delicate skin as top priority and understand the importance of keeping  baby skin moisturized. These mommies were selected to educate other mommies about the necessity  of baby skin health by using the effective  daily 2-step JOHNSONS ®  Baby  Top-to- Toe range.


“My Chichi has been suffering from dry skin since the beginning of winter. I don’t like to use vaseline because she becomes too shinny. This is the best on her skin I love the smell and packaging. Thank you #JohnsonsBestForMoisture”- Xolisile Mvubu

“After week 1 of adding in the massage cream and oil (which you can use top to bottom) her face is smooth again – plus my hands are extra soft. She loved the extra pampering, and I love that a product range delivers.” – Susann

“After using the Johnson’s top to toe my lil man has not broken out in a rash nor has his skin been itchy, this range is so mild and has a beautiful scent. – Raabia Jacobs

“Johnson’s top to toe Wash- a great all round product. Definitely gentle on baby’s eyes and hair. My son’s hair after using it was feather like and soft with a gentle smell.”- Bilqees Salie

“My son’s skin feels soft to the touch, well taken  care of and has perfectly balanced moisture. He has that cute baby glow and this mummy is loving it.”- Mira Naidu

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