Dying for more sunshiney adventures this summer? FOLLOW our Island Tribers and #StepIntoTheSun 🌞

If sunburn, the pandemic, or financial stress has been keeping you from enjoying life’s sunny situations – planned or impromptu – this is the project you NEED to follow.

Island Tribe wants to pump up your summer so you can #StepIntoTheSun… How does WINNING A SUMMER EXPERIENCE IN YOUR CITY TO THE VALUE OF R1000 sound? Think lunch at a wine estate in Cape Town, a mountain biking adventure in Magaliesburg, fly fishing in Mpumalanga, surfing in Durban, and SO much more!

Between 1 October and 30 November 2021, Island Tribe is giving away one sunshine experience EVERYDAY to lucky entrants of the Island Tribe #StepIntoTheSun competition. For more info, visit: CLICK HERE

BUT… my skin 😩

No fear! We think we may have just discovered the key you need to enjoy family beach days, top-down road trips, spontaneous mountain explorations, unexpected get-togethers on the lawn, sunshine on your office desk, and ice-cream-worthy lunch break walks without fear or discomfort… It’s Island Tribe, the proudly South African range of everyday sunscreens, and our Island Tribers are putting it to the test.Β 

What is Island Tribe?

Island Tribe is a proudly South African range of every day sun protection solutions made for parents, tots, teens, adventurers, homebodies, and sun-sensitive people alike. It comes in a range of formats that promise to be the everyday solution to trust for sunny occasions, planned or unexpected.

Our trial team of Island Tribers

We’ve recruited a trial team of homebodies, parents, adventurers, and people that haven’t been getting out into the sun β€˜cos of COVID, financial, or sun-sensitivity stress to put Island Tribe to the test. They want to know if making Island Tribe part of their daily routine really is the key to rediscovering the joy of unexpected sunny occasions and enjoying summer stress-free.

How to follow the #StepIntoTheSun project

Follow the conversation at #StepIntoTheSun to find out if Island Tribe really is the key to never missing an unexpected adventure β€˜cos of ill-preparation or sun sensitivity again, hear their honest reviews, be entertained, and get inspired to take back your summer.Β 

See you there!


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