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How To| tint,shape and wax ur EYEBROWS

September 02, 2014

READ HERE: Hi Guys, Thank you for watching my youtube videos! Remember to subscribe, share and like (thumbs up) - it makes me happy and its free:) I want to share with you guys how I do my Eyebrows, I know there is loads of other ways...but this is my fast and easy way. So I hope you like it. What you will need: (Tint) * mixing bowl * small brush * Peroxide - or cream developer (RefectoCil) * Tint - RefectoCil number 3 - Brown * Vaseline * Earbuds * Cottonpads or Make-up remover wipes (wax) * waxing pot * Pre and Post care * Spatulas * Stips (if you use strip wax) and a tweezer FUN FACTS: Hotwax/Patch wax - is used for smaller areas such as bikinis, underarm and facial waxings. Coldwax/Strip wax - is used for lager areas such as arms, legs, back and chest. If you want to be friends: My Facebook: My Twitter: My Instragram: My Pinterest: Till next time xxx

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