How to… Survive Work while on your Period!

How to… Survive Work while on your Period!

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Having a sick day just isn’t an option for most women when they’re on their period. With cramps that make you keel over and swollen legs and tummies that mean you feel like the Michelin man, it’s little wonder many of us manage to get out of bed! That’s why we’ve compiled a work survival guide for that time of the month!

The Side Effect: Irritable, tired and uncomfortable.

The Solution: Boyfriend jeans feeling a little snug? Your co-workers voice making you want to scream? Don’t worry, these are all common symptoms of being on your period. Combat feeling sluggish and cranky by refusing to let these side effects ruin your day. Don’t be hard on yourself and remember that these feelings will pass! Eating foods packed with B-12 and B-6 will help keep your energy levels at an all time high. Munch on yoghurt, lean proteins, nuts, bananas, potatoes and eggs to get your fix.

The Side Effect: Feeling depressed and stressed

The Solution: Are you usually level-headed and logical until your period comes around! Put away those sad thoughts by listening to your favourite music on your headphones while working, or buy yourself a pretty bunch of flowers for your desk. Treat yourself to a new book to read while on the train or bus and surround yourself with happy people. Schedule short breaks throughout your day to prevent things from becoming too overwhelming.

The Side Effect: Bloated and, well, fat!

The Solution: Those hideous hormones your body releases during your period play serious havoc on your mind. Chances are you haven’t gained a kilo since starting your period but your mind and body tell you otherwise. Try not to panic and do the following:
Engage in light exercise: Walk to work or head to the gym during your lunch break to take a swim or yoga class. This will not only make you feel physically better but also works wonders in lifting a bad mood.
Eat fresh food: As much as you’re craving chocolate and salty foods, try not to indulge. Instead opt for leafy green veges and fresh fruit that will keep your energy levels up, prevent bloat and keep you hydrated.
Say no to coffee: Caffeine is a main culprit when it comes to bloating. Instead hydrate yourself with iced water and lemon or calming herbal teas.

The Side-Effect: Breakouts

The Solution: Not only are you feeling bloated and crampy, but now you’ve got pimples to contend with. Don’t despair! Wage war on your zits by cleansing your face correctly and concealing with a CC cream. CC creams are perfect for irritated, blotchy skin as they hide pimples without making the skin feel caked in make-up. While at work resist the urge to touch your skin as this can spread dirt onto your face. Your office keyboard and telephone are a breeding ground for pimple causing bacteria so ensure they are cleaned regularly.

The Side Effect: Menstrual Cramps

The Solution: Lugging a hot water bottle around with you at the office just isn’t an option, so to soothe menstrual cramps wear a heating pad. These can be worn under your clothing so your colleagues won’t even know what’s up. Always ensure you have pain killers close by too, to ward off any pain.

How do you stay cool, calm and collected while on your period at work? Share your secrets in our Tampax Compak beauty diaries, here, and you could WIN!

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