How To Prep Yourself For A Wax.

How To Prep Yourself For A Wax.

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I’ll have mine smooth not spiky…

Summer has finally arrived and with it comes long, lazy days spent in swimsuits, sleeveless tops and shorter skirts. Unfortunately hairy legs and armpits don’t go well with these summer ensembles. That’s why hair removal is a must! If you’re thinking of visiting your beautician for a wax, take the below into consideration for an (almost) pain free experience.

Exfoliate: Exfoliating your skin regularly ensures ingrown hairs are kept to a minimum. It also removes any dead skin cells that are concealing hidden hairs, meaning you’ll get a more thorough wax.

Step Away From The Razor: No matter how tempting it is, do not shave your hair in between waxes. Shaved hair grows back coarsely and in turn is harder to wax, meaning a more painful wax the next time around.

Keep it Up: The first wax is always the most painful, but don’t let that deter you from going back next month. The more you wax, the less painful it’ll be each time you go, plus your hair growth will be reduced.

Timing is Everything: The time of day and month that you book your wax appointment can determine how painful your wax will be. Schedule your appointment early in the morning as muscles are more relaxed in the a.m, meaning hair follicles shouldn’t hold onto your hair as tightly. It’s also a good idea to avoid booking your appointment a few days before ‘that time of the month,’ as skin is more sensitive.

Immediately after your wax avoid the following: body creams, tight clothing, physical activity and exfoliating. Remember, your skin has just had hair yanked out of it, so to say it’s a little sensitive is an understatement.

Keep It Clean: The hair that grows under your arms and along your bikini line is attached to glands that emit odour. When we wax those areas the gland is damaged, which in turn reduces the amount of sweat and odour produced. Who knew?
Ensuring you’re freshly showered is polite and considerate toward your beautician. Avoid applying any body creams to the area that’s going to be waxed as they can affect the wax’s grip on the hair.

Know Your Stuff: Come prepared to your appointment, knowledgeable of what to expect. If your unsure then ask your beautician to run you through the process. Don’t be embarrassed, remember a good beautician only focuses on the job that needs to be done, not on your girly bits! Also good to note, the lower abdominal and ankles are generally the most painful spots to wax, so be prepared!

Tricks of The Trade: Here’s a great tip I picked up the net; just before the wax is pulled off, cough! This helps to distract from the pain, weird I know, but it works! Avoid having any caffeine, salt or alcohol, as these can bloat you and make your skin more sensitive. With the risk of sounding like pill poppers, having a paracetamol or two 30-45 minutes before your scheduled appointment can also really reduce the pain.

What are some things you do before a wax? Share your secrets below!

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