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How to get the perfect eyebrows

June 01, 2021

Hey guys ! so the most frequently asked question I receive is “how do you do your brows!” to answer this question I’ve decided to put together a small video and guide on how I do my brows and all the products I use to achieve my perfect brow ? To get great brows you need the right tools ! 4 easy steps for a good brow STEP 1 : The first thing you should do is brush through your eyebrows with the eyebrow brush in block 2 (above) this helps to show you the natural shape of your brow and also give you a good outline to follow STEP 2: Then we are going to use the eyebrow gel and the brush in block 1 (above ) take the eyebrow brush and dip it in the gel and gently outline whilst filling in the eyebrow STEP 3 : Next , use the LA girl concealer in block 4 ( above ) , this tool has a brush application so it makes cleaning up the brow easier ! Gently squeeze some concealer from the tube making sure there is minimal product on the tip of the brush .Lightly trace around the outside of the brow ,starting at the beginning softly blend in the concealer outline STEP 4 : To give the start of the eyebrow a more natural look ,take a wet wipe (block number 3 above) and gently rub on the beginning of the eyebrows ?

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