Hitting the Pool on your Period? You Totally Can!

Hitting the Pool on your Period? You Totally Can!

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Having your period this Summer doesn’t mean you have to sit out on fun activities like swimming with friends and spending days in the sun! We’ve tackled those hard to ask questions to make this Summer a sizzler for you.

Question: Do I have to stay home and sleep when I’m on my period?

Answer: Absolutely not, in fact going out and enjoying yourself actually helps to reduce PMS symptoms, like mood swings. Nothing cures a bad mood better then taking a hike or chilling by the pool. The problem comes in when you start taking things overboard by drinking and smoking excessively or over exercising. Make sure you keep things balanced by drinking lots of water, eating nutritious meals and sleeping to keep your body nourished and healthy.

Question: What do I do if my cramps get worse at the beach?

Answer: It’s a good idea to always pack a supply of pain pills, just in case you get cramps while out in the sun. Try stay in the shade or take a leisurely swim, as this can reduce pain. Lying on your tummy and breathing deeply is a discreet way to soothe stomach pains.

Question: How often should I change my tampon while at the beach?

Answer: Ideally one should change their tampon every four hours, with the maximum time it should be in your body being eight. Changing your tampon may be the last thing you want to do while spending time outdoors but to avoid any leaks or embarrassing situations set a reminder on your phone to change your tampon regularly.

Question: Can I still go out and be active while wearing a tampon?

Answer: Yes! In fact we encourage it! Tampax® Compak tampons are the perfect feminine protection for swimming and staying active as they allow you to move easily and can’t be seen under your clothing or swimming costume. Plus mild to moderate exercise can reduce menstrual cramps, just don’t overdo it!

Question: Can drinking alcohol affect my menstrual cycle?

Answer: Sundowners may be the perfect way to end your day of fun but too don’t overindulge as, not only does alcohol cause liver damage, but studies have shown that it can also cause irregular menstrual cycles. This is because it temporarily increases levels of oestrogen and testosterone, which can interrupt normal hormonal fluctuations that are necessary for ovulation. Doctors aren’t sure how much alcohol you’d need to drink for this to happen but err on the safe side and stick to the recommended one drink or less per day.

Question: Can smoking make my PMS worse?

Answer: Yes! Smoking is bad for you, end of story! Studies have shown that women who smoke suffer from worse PMS compared to those who don’t. That’s because smoking, just like drinking alcohol, can alter your hormone levels. Women who smoke also tend to have shorter and more irregular period compared to non-smokers, which can affect your chances of conceiving in the future.

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So there you have it, all your frequently answered queries solved. Do you have any party-related questions? Share them with us below!


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