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It’s time to love your body the way it deserves
AND say goodbye to stretch marks…

Do you want to care for and love your body by lending it a helping hand through all of life’s events – be it puberty, pregnancy, or weight fluctuation? Do you want to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks? Are you ready to step into Body Love? Let Happy Event show you how! #MyBodyMyRulesZA #BodyLoveZA

Who is Happy Event?

Happy Event is a legacy brand with a rich heritage that has been trusted by generations of pregnant women, as well as women who’ve experienced rapid weight loss/gain. For the last fifty years, Happy Event’s range of stretch mark-reducing and preventing body-care products have been supporting women through all of life’s events – mothers during both antenatal and postnatal stages of their journey, women who’ve experienced weight fluctuation, and teens going through puberty.

Happy Event believes that bodies are wondrous vessels that allow us to experience the magic of life, and that they deserve to be loved and looked after – just like how they look after us. That’s why Happy Event created products that women have been trusting for five decades! Their three ranges include:



Everyday Range

A newly-launched range for everyBODY that comprises Luxury Cream Bars and Body Butter, both of which are uniquely formulated to prevent stretch marks.

Antenatal Range

A range made with mommas to be in mind that comprises an Antenatal Massage Cream and Lotion that you use from the start of your pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks, regenerate skin and regulate its natural moisturising system. Now available in an affordable and convenient 50ml!

Firming Range

Happy Event Firming Cream is made for postnatal mommas and those who’ve experienced non-pregnancy related weight loss or gain. It’s packed with natural ingredients like pure olive oil, pink pepperslim, centella extract, and collaplus and works to revitalise your skin by toning and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Also available in the new, cheaper size of 50ml.

Does it really work to prevent/reduce stretch marks?

Yes! Happy Event’s product formulations are paraben free and contain a powerful key ingredient sourced from the finest olive oil orchards in Spain: pure olive oil of the highest quality. Their special formula works to rebuild your skin’s moisture barrier, improving it’s elasticity and allowing it to expand safely during pregnancy/weight fluctuation. It leaves your skin deliciously soft AND reduces the appearance of stretch marks to a great extent. It also works to prevent the formation of new stretch marks. Winning!

The Happy Event 14-Day Challenge

Don’t take it from us though… We’ve recruited a trial team of real women with stretch marks to put Happy Event to the test. They’re using Happy Event over a period of 14-days and will be sharing their results so you can hear how it works from women who’ve trialed it themselves:

Want to WIN yourself ONE YEAR’S SUPPLY OF HAPPY EVENT? Join The After-Party Insta-Party

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday 22nd August from 9AM to 5PM

FOLLOW the hashtags #MyBodyMyRulesZA #BodyLoveZA to keep up-to-date with all the action online and get involved in the conversation by sharing your own experiences with stretch marks, Happy Event, and/or Body Love and stand a chance to WIN yourself a one-year supply of Happy Event!

INVITE your friends to join the event by inviting them to follow the hashtags #MyBodyMyRulesZA #BodyLoveZA on the day.


See you there!


Want to know more? Join the conversation online by using #MyBodyMyRulesZA #BodyLoveZA









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