Handy Andy

Calling all Queens & Kings of Clean!

Is cleaning upkeep the name of your game, does no dust dare to settle when you’re near?

Are you already in full swing with your spring-cleaning plans?


Are you still in search of the quickest and easy way to clean effectively?

If you answered, “yes, yes and YES, wayyy ahead of you!” then you’ll want to OPT-IN and be a part of this project!


If you’re NOT confused by the difference between an all-purpose cleaner and a multi-purpose one, if you like to keep your home clean with daily wipes, dustings and swipes, but still leave time for work and even more play, then you’ll want to be a part of this sparkling project with Handy Andy. Yes? Yes!


You will be putting three Handy Andy products to the test, as we want to know if this SUPER BRAND has a product for every need in your home #HandyAndyForEveryClean:


Your cleaning caddy will include:

  1. Handy Andy Cream claims to remove 100% of stubborn dirt & grease with less rinsing – Are you 100% ready to wipe away any pre-lockdown-level-1 dirt?
  2. Handy Andy Ultra-Fast Multipurpose with Bleach Spray claims to remove stubborn dirt and disinfect surfaces killing 99.9% of germs. Clean, germ-free and shining in 10 seconds? That sounds ultra fast ~ keen to put it to the test?
  3. Handy Andy Floor and All-Purpose Cleaner with the Power of Domestos  – whew, well, we think the name says it all! Keen to give it a whirl? It’s formulated with antibacterial properties to clean all surfaces, including large areas and it leaves a streak-free shine!
  4. Gloves – No cleaning kit is complete without a pair!


From the windows… to the walls… my house is cleaner than all. OK, that’s not how the song goes, but it might be if there really is a Handy Andy For Every Clean.


Are you ready to swoosh, wipe, swipe, spray and sweep with a cleaning kit of dreams? Opt-in to keep things clean with us if…


  • You are a self-confessed cleaning machine and want to share your passion
  • You look for the easiest and quickest way to clean effectively
  • You are ready to put the Handy Andy products claims to the test and share your experience
  • You want to share if it is true that Handy Andy has a clean for Every Surface
  • You’re ready to share your top cleaning tips & hacks using Handy Andy
  • You’re ready to take part in fun cleaning challenges with Handy Andy

it’s your time to shine!

The Handy Andy surface cleaning products are a few sprays, pours and wipes from helping you clean like a dream. #HandyAndyForEveryClean


OPT-IN NOW by completing this survey CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “Handy Andy

  1. Buntu April says:

    My favourite cleaning brand, I would love to give these a review.

    1. Brand Advisor says:

      Hi Buntu,

      Glad to hear that you like the brand.
      Please fill in the opt-in survey so you can stand a chance to be one of our influencers to try out the range.

  2. Kutlwano Segole says:

    Keeps my bathroom clean and smells nice ,I use it for my fridge and microwave too ❤️❤️❤️❤️Love love love ❤️

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