A brand-new Brand Advisor trade exchange project is here!

Calling all space beautifiers that ❤️ Handy Andy Creams + an effective eco-conscious clean! 

If you’re someone that:

🧼 loves a product that is tough on dirt and grease but also safe for spaces used by you + the fam 

💸 is always on the hunt for that ONE cleaning product that can do almost ALL the jobs

🌍 likes keeping your space sparkling while also making more eco-conscious cleaning decisions

YOU’RE INVITED to opt-in and introduce the NEW Handy Andy Creams to the world! #ACleanerClean

This is a great opportunity for both of us. We give you the new-and-improved Handy Andy Creams, you introduce them to your followers and give them honest feedback by taking them on a edutaining cleaning journey and sharing your experience. Apply now for the #ACleanerClean running from 3 February – 7 March 2022. 

The project DL

If you know Handy Andy and you love Handy Andy, you’re about to have your mind blown! *drum roll please* Handy Andy has launched their all-new Creams formulation to deliver #ACleanerClean:

✅ Now even tougher on grease and dirt
✅ 100% natural cleaning particles
✅ Biodegradable fragrances that last longer
✅ Recyclable bottle
✅ New Eucalyptus variant
✅ One product = ALL over the house = lifesaver when cash is tight
✅ Can be used in more ways than imaginable

Whether you are a res mate, young homemaker, new family, a value seeker (one product = ALL the jobs), or simply an all-round space beautifier that loves Handy Andy Creams, we want you to put the NEW Handy Andy Creams to the test, introduce them to the world, and school followers on what’s new (hint: a new formulation that is more eco-conscious and even tougher on grease and dirt, a new look, a new variant, three improved fragrances, and MORE).

If edutaining followers with mad-creative, out-of-the-box ways to use Handy Andy Creams to the sweet sounds of your fave cleaning playlists sounds like a vibe, we want YOU!

Sound like you? CLICK HERE.