ARE YOU READY TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE THIS SUMMER? Do you suffer from dark underarm marks? Does discolouration under your arms restrict your movement or clothing choice? Do you wish you could find the remedy that would give you the  confidence-boosting even skin tone you desire? If you answered yes, Shield has the solution for you. You’re not alone. Dark underarm marks affect 86% of South African women and 56% of South African men. It’s a common problem that restricts the movements of everyday life: pull ups at the gym, wearing sleeveless tops and vests in the heat, doing yoga, dancing carefree, raising your hand in class… the list goes on. But living your best active life needn’t be restricted any longer! We’re looking for a group of women and men who are looking to say goodbye to dark under arm marks to test out the newly-launched product formulated by Shield, South Africa’s leading antiperspirant brand, that promises to reduce dark underarm marks in just seven days! Are you ready to put the solution to the test and live your most confident, active life? HelloEvenToneSA Whether it’s with your workout buddy, a best friend, work wife or husband, we want you to team up to try out No Hair, which incorporates baby oil to make sure you have hairless, conditioned skin. Is this hair removal product up to task? Give us your feedback by showing off your now-smooth skin with the most outlandish, hilarious, Insta-basic comparison pic you can think of! Get creative, teams 😉 Already picturing you and your review-buddy in matching hot girl summer poses? If you are:
  1. Concerned about dark marks on your underarms
  2. Looking to live an active life unrestricted by underarm-related insecurities
  3. Willing to put the solution to the test along with similarly-concerned friends, colleagues, partners, or exercise buddies
  4. Willing to share your experiences with your engaged social media following through photos, videos, and posts
  5. Ready to say “goodbye dark marks, HELLO even skin tone!”
Then please complete the following survey: Here If chosen as part of the trial team, you will receive samples for yourself and your chosen trial partners. It’s time to say goodbye to dark marks once and for all! #HelloEvenToneSA
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