Getting to know Gina Myers.

Getting to know Gina Myers.

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Gina-MHer name is on every South African celebs lips as the go-to girl for flawless make-up, but Gina Myers’ passion for make-up started from an early age.

Gina first fell in love with the power of make-up at the age of nine when she realised how it could magically make women feel confident and beautiful. Instead of concealing their unique features Gina believes make-up should be used to enhance and transform women into their most beautiful selves.

In 2011 heritage make-up brand, Elizabeth Arden, announced they were on the search for an official make-up artist to represent their brand and Gina knew she was the perfect candidate. After two months of nerve-wracking interviews and practicals Gina became the official brand ambassador and senior make-up artist for Elizabeth Arden in South Africa. This once in a lifetime opportunity has allowed Gina to take her magical brushes and unique skills all over the country, beautifying and empowering one South African woman at a time.

Says Gina, “I’m so honoured to be part of a brand that values unique and authentic beauty. Every day I do what I love and I’m driven by Elizabeth Arden’s belief that ‘To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman’.”

We couldn’t agree more! That’s why we, along with Elizabeth Arden, are giving our Beauty Bulletin members the opportunity to chat LIVE with Gina Myers! Now’s your chance to ask this talented make-up pro anything you want to know about make-up and beauty!

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To find out more about this once in a lifetime chance, click here.

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